This is how to get rid of flies foreve

Flies are insects that live with us every day. Since they are harmless and do not bite (except for certain rare species), we end up getting used to them. Of course, we wouldn’t hurt a fly: one or two hanging around isn’t too bad. But, in summer or when winter is fairly mild, flies tend to multiply in the same space. In fact, flies love heat, humidity, and light in general. Suddenly, when they invade us and stick to our skin, it becomes really unpleasant there instead.

The fly, a pest in the house

Especially because they are not only annoying: you should know that they are also carriers of microorganisms and pathogens capable of contaminating our diet and affecting our health.

Except that these ugly flies are very tenacious. Eliminating them is not an easy task, especially when you want to avoid the use of certain insecticides.

A radical alternative? The vinegar. You know the expression: “You don’t attract flies with vinegar.” Not currently. If they are strongly attracted to honey, vinegar will strongly repel them!

Find out how you can scare them away with this cheap and effective method that does not require much effort.

White vinegar 18

How to get rid of flies with white vinegar?

Yes, white vinegar is an excellent natural repellent. It has a bitter taste that flies can’t stand. It also has a strong odor that scares them away. For example, if you use it to wash your windows or mirrors, the smell will be so annoying that flies will not approach this area.

Inexpensive and easy to find, no special equipment required. All you will need is a spray bottle or spray bottle available at any grocery store or supermarket.

To use white vinegar to repel flies, you must first dilute it a little in water. Then spray the mixture where you feel there is a concentration of flies. We recommend in particular several places such as: the dining room, the kitchen, on the counter, in front of the doors, around the trash can, etc.

All these corners will be soaked in its powerful smell: the vinegar will evaporate quickly and annoy the flies, who will end up looking elsewhere!

You can also make a vinegar and water solution and spray it on your plants to repel flies.

fly 2

Other tips to get rid of flies at home

If you want to try other home remedies to repel flies, you can also use certain essential oils of tea tree, mint or lavender. All of these oils have a strong odor that repels flies and other insects. You can mix them with water and spray them wherever you want them to go.

Another good idea: place fly traps in your house. These traps attract flies with their ultraviolet light. You can buy them at any garden store or make them yourself using just a little white vinegar.

If you want to prevent flies from entering your house, it is important that you follow all these tips. With a little good will, you can keep them away forever and make them drop… like flies!