This is the foolproof trick to remove scratches from the floor.

Do you want to have a clean house in summer? Well, don’t wait for spring to do a thorough cleaning. At the beginning of the year, get organized and do everything you can to start the big cleanup.

To do this, start with the interior and, in particular, with the parquet. It is a very delicate material that requires special care. Whether waxed, oiled or sealed, this type of floor needs special care to maintain its beautiful appearance. If your floor has scratches, remove them using carefully selected natural ingredients.

If you have a parquet floor, you should take care of it daily to avoid damaging it. There are some golden rules you should follow to protect your floor from potential damage.

Install sliders under furniture to prevent scratches from appearing on the floor.
Place a doormat at the entrance to prevent gravel from entering your home.
Perform regular floor maintenance.
Next, find out how to remove scratches from your hardwood floor.
Removing scratches from wood: these natural ingredients are the most effective!

This natural product may surprise you in more ways than one. Thanks to their versatility and multiple uses, coffee grounds are undoubtedly one of the natural ingredients with the greatest properties for both the home and the garden.

Among its many benefits, coffee grounds can be used to restore wood to its beautiful natural appearance and original color. It also makes it easier to hide scratches. How to get the most out of this product?

Start by mixing the coffee grounds with water or linseed oil.
Then apply the resulting product to the scratched areas of the floor.
Then remove the remains with a brush. Perform this operation at least once a week.
You can also remove scratches from your floor by preparing this magical mixture. What if you mix white vinegar and olive oil? It is a brilliant combination that makes the wood shine while camouflaging scratches. What’s more, this winning combination is capable of making bacteria and dust disappear.
Take equal parts olive oil and white vinegar.
Then use the resulting product to clean the surface affected by the scratches.
Let it sit for a while so that the wood absorbs the mixture.
Finish by wiping the surface with a soft cloth.