This is what happens when chlorophytum grows in your home

Houseplants can be a decorative touch that adds ambiance to your home. In addition to decorating your home, a chlorophytum allows you to benefit from benefits on the air in your room. A convincing argument in favor of growing these easy-care plant species.
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What are the advantages of having a chlorophytum at home?
While many indoor plants can purify the air, chlorophytum is one of the most cleansing varieties. Some plants can purify the air in your home with less intensity, while this plant is one of the most powerful. And for good reason, it further improves air quality. NASA has designated chlorophytum, native to South Africa, as one of the most effective plants for its depolluting effect. While it absorbs a large quantity of CO2, it also reduces the level of nitrogen dioxide in a room. So in a space full of spider plants, these levels are close to zero. after 24 hours. This makes chlorophytum an ideal plant to place in large environments such as the dining room or living room. Another plus: you don’t need to be a gardening enthusiast!

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How is this perennial plant grown?
You can obtain this plant with its powerful photosynthetic action in a pot in a nursery or garden center. If the pot is too small, do not hesitate to repot it in a larger container so that this plant, capable of absorbing carbon monoxide, takes up all the space it needs. It is recommended to repot the chlorophytum each year in spring in a slightly larger pot or in the soil of your garden. In order for the seedlings to grow well, it is recommended to make holes in the pot to absorb excess moisture when watering. For optimal drainage we recommend inserting clay pebbles or gravel into the container. For this large-leaved plant to flourish, it must benefit from good soil. It is this soil which nourishes it and accelerates the growth of these depolluting plants.