This is why sleeping with a clove of garlic under the bed can improve our lives

When you discover all the benefits of garlic you will surely be surprised. Beyond its culinary uses, garlic is a truly therapeutic ingredient that can improve the quality of our life.

When garlic is in the germination process, it produces various chemicals such as phytoalexins, which are great for protecting us from viruses and bacteria.

Many people put a clove of garlic under their pillow or under the bed before going to sleep: it’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of garlic :

  • helps you sleep better thanks to the high concentration of zinc, which relaxes the muscles,
  • has antibiotic, expectorant, purifying and disinfectant properties,
  • helps prevent flu, colds and coughs,
  • can help prevent cancer.

Garlic is also excellent against viruses and intestinal bacteria, it can regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, but also delay the oxidation of molecules. Remember to consume raw garlic, as it loses many of its properties when cooked.