This is why you should wrap a lemon around your faucet

Simply wrap a lemon over the faucet and solve a common problem around the house. With this method, there is no need to spend money on expensive chemicals. 

Lemon is a citrus fruit, but it is often used not only in cooking    . In fact, that’s a lot of cleaning. Lemon is ideal for degreasing the kitchen and also for washing dishes. There are no contraindications for its use and it is much better than many chemical products on the market.

Not only the juice, but also the skin. Lemon is, therefore, the perfect natural home remedy that never disappoints    . Its versatility is truly enormous, thanks to the citric acid it contains, very powerful especially for cleaning large appliances or large surfaces.

Barrel lemon: that's why
 But what you have never seen is that you can solve a very common problem just by putting a simple lemon under the tap    . Many times we don’t know how to solve it, but in a few moments and without much effort you will no longer have problems. Below we will see in detail what it is about.

Barrel lemon and solve this problem

As we have already said, lemon is an ally of the home because it helps degrease but also eliminates bad odors. But it is also very effective against limescale. The latter is often installed on appliances that consume a lot of water, such as washing machines and dryers, but also on simple kitchen or bathroom faucets.

In fact, lemon is ideal for removing limescale thanks to citric acid    and to rid the faucet of this problem you only need half a lemon. What you need to do is very simple, simply take a lemon, cut it in half and place it on the faucet you want to clean.

barrel lemon
 You must insert the tap into the lemon pulp    and to hold it so that it does not fall you can use an elastic band or adhesive tape. It takes about an hour to achieve satisfactory results. After about an hour you can remove the lemon and you will notice the difference.

The lemon has dissolved all the lime in the tap and you just have to rinse it and clean it with a sponge    . For an even better result, you can dissolve the aerator and clean it of lime deposits    . Here you have solved the problem of limescale in the tap in a short time and without purchasing expensive products.

 Plan to do this frequently, about once a month    . This way you can always clean it well because if there is less limescale you can definitely eliminate it. In case of significant calcification, it is necessary to extend the waiting time or repeat the operation several times.

Therefore, lemon has proven to be an excellent natural limescale remover that, of course, you can also use on other limescale surfaces in the house    . You can zest the lemon directly, as in this case, or use its juice. You just have to try it.