This little-known trick to put your windows in “winter mode” and save energy

When the temperature rises, the cold can quickly enter your home through the windows. The reason why PVC windows have become so popular in recent years is that they actually have a feature that allows you to reduce your energy consumption and ultimately pay less on heating bills.

This is how you can successfully reduce your heating consumption in the cold season.

How can you reduce excessive heating costs thanks to your windows?

PVC windows

A PVC window – Source: spm

Although heating season is quickly approaching for many (others are already here), here’s how you can reduce your energy costs. For example, remember to expose radiators – never hide them behind furniture or curtains. It is also important to ventilate the apartment correctly, that is, after setting the knob to the zero position, as well as to install thermostats on radiators. Of course, it is also advisable to use the heat correctly and not to set the radiators to the highest heating output.

Heating costs also go down if we pay attention to the sealing of windows and doors. A practical trick thanks to which we can use a little-known feature in PVC windows. Few people know that this insulation protects against outside temperatures.

How do you switch your PVC windows to winter mode?

An open PVC window

An open PVC window – Source: spm

The winter mode of PVC windows is easy to set. This can be done by adjusting the seal accordingly. Find an adjustment roller, a distinctive metal pin in the frame of the movable window that is visible after opening. With its help we can adjust the tightness of the window as needed.

To put the   windows  in winter mode, simply tighten the screw on the frame about 90 degrees. Sometimes it is enough to do this with your fingers or pliers; some models require a special key. When it gets warmer, simply unscrew the pin again.

Winter mode on windows is nothing more than pressing the seal harder against the window frame. This means that less fresh air enters the apartment or house. Each feature has advantages and disadvantages, and so does she. Adequate air circulation reduces the risk of allergies.

Depending on the type, this accessory is adjusted by turning it by hand, using pliers or a screwdriver. In some cases, before turning, the mechanism must be pulled towards itself and only then turned.

The main seasonal adjustment point of window frames is the need to constantly transfer them from “summer” to “winter” and vice versa. With heavy “winter” pressure, the rubber seal will gradually begin to deteriorate. Often, owners of PVC windows are faced with the fact that this rubber needs to be changed after a few years. This happens precisely because, according to the window manufacturer’s instructions, the sash is not transferred to summer mode with a weakened clamp, but is left like that after the winter.

These few tips are essential to reduce your heating costs in winter when in full use.