This tip for multiplying roses is worth gold: never seen results like this before

To make the roses in your garden grow indefinitely, you only need one natural and effective ingredient, and that’s what it’s all about. Roses are one of the most  loved flowers  of all time, thanks to their  beauty  and their  delicate , unmistakable scent   . However,  growing them can be a  challenge  for many, especially those who live in  apartments  or in areas where the  climate  is not  favorable  . Fortunately, there is a  simple and effective tip  for  propagating roses at home  , using simple  aloe vera leaves  . Let’s look at the  detailed procedure  to achieve this result. 

How to propagate roses with aloe vera

The  process  of propagating  roses  with  aloe vera  is relatively  simple  . Let’s start  by cutting a rose  with the  whole stem  , cutting  15-20 cm diagonally  . Then we cut  up to 2-3 cm  below the  bud  , thus obtaining  two pieces of stem  . At this point we must cut the   aloe vera  leaves Aloe vera has a  gel-like substance  inside the  leaves  , which is what we will use to grow  roses . Therefore, we cut an   aloe  leaf into two parts  and insert the  stems  of the  rose  into the  gelatinous part  of the leaf.


Transplanting rose bushes in pots

So once the   rose  stems  have formed their  roots  , they must be transferred to  pot  with  soil  . To do this we must make a  hole  in the center of the  potting soil  and insert the  leaf  and  stem  of aloe into it. We cover  everything well with  soil  , so that the  aloe leaf  continues to release its  properties  and helps the  rose  to become  strong and healthy. 

Because aloe vera makes plants grow

But why does this  tip  work so well? Aloe  vera  is known for its   healing and  regenerative properties  , and that is exactly what makes it  effective  in  growing roses  . The  jelly-like substance  inside  aloe leaves  contains many  nutrients  and  substances  that promote  plant growth. For example, it contains  plant hormones  such as auxin  and  gibberellin  ,  which help  to stimulate root  growth  and to promote the formation of  new cells.


By following the  procedure  we have described and using  aloe vera leaves  , it is therefore possible to grow  new rose plants  in a  natural and healthy way  , adding a touch of  beauty and fragrance  to your  home  .