This trick was shown to me by a hotel maid. Now my windows are always clean and streak-free

Cleaning windows is a real effort, but unfortunately the end result is not always satisfactory.

After the work is completed, streaks, stains and streaks can still be seen. There is an easy way to do this.

A friend who worked as a hotel cleaner showed me a clever trick to get windows really sparkling clean.

Window cleaning mixture

Fill the container (e.g. a 1-1.5 liter plastic bottle) halfway with water. Sprinkle a tablespoon of potato flour on top. Now mix everything thoroughly until the starch dissolves.

Then add a tablespoon of vinegar (70%) and a tablespoon of ammonia. Mix thoroughly. Use gloves.

Ready. Now simply pour it into a spray bottle and use.

If the windows are very dirty, they first need to be washed with water to remove the dirt. Then spray the mixture on and let it take effect for a few minutes. Then polish with a soft, dry cloth.

Ammonia and vinegar are able to dissolve what water cannot, including grease. The spray tackles even the most stubborn dirt.

And thanks to the strength, the windows are polished to a shine. My grandmother also used starch to clean windows. However, she only used potato flour with no other additives. The addition of vinegar and ammonia makes this mixture an inexpensive, yet extremely effective weapon against dirt, stains, stains and stains on the windows!

This method completely eliminates stains on the glass. Household spray is suitable for cleaning window frames and window sills. It helps remove fingerprints on plastic and glass, traces of insects, cooking grease and cigarette deposits.