Throw a dishwashing sponge into the washing machine: the magic trick that solves a common problem

If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably used to living with your pets’ hair. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you won’t be surprised if you come home and find hairballs on your couch or on the floor. However, things become more difficult when you find these hairs in places such as the drum of the washing machine or on your clothes that have just come out of the washing machine.

Pet hair can stick to clothing and get stuck in the washing machine. Find out how to remove them from your clothes with this trick. You will no longer have any problems when washing clothes in your washing machine.

How do you remove pet hair in the washing machine with a dishwashing sponge?

There are several solutions to get rid of pet hair in the washing machine. You can do laundry without having to sort through your clothes and then wash them again.

– Use a dishwashing sponge to remove pet hair from your washing machine

To remove hairballs from your washing machine, you can remove them with a dish sponge, preferably new. This trick is very simple. When starting a rinse cycle, place the dishwashing sponge in the drum. At the end of your wash, the hair will stick to the sponge, especially on the abrasive green side.

More Tips for Removing Hair from Clothes
Getting rid of pet hair stuck to clothes is not inevitable. Other tricks can help.

– Use white vinegar in your washing machine

White vinegar is a real ally when it comes to doing household chores. It is ideal as a replacement for all detergent products and very effective in solving household problems. To avoid clothes becoming full of pet hair after washing, follow these tips: Add about 120 ml of white vinegar to the fabric softener compartment. The acetic acid contained in white vinegar removes all pet hair from the washing machine. Your clothes will be like new again.

– Use dryer balls to catch pet hair from your washing machine

To get rid of your pets’ hair, use a dryer ball to catch your dog or cat’s hair that is stuck in the washing machine. To use the dryer ball and get rid of all the hair in the washing machine, throw it into the drum of your machine before washing. To achieve better drying results, the ball also allows you to remove any hair that is in your washing machine or on clothes.

Clean your washing machine more often
To avoid the accumulation of hair in your washing machine, it is necessary to maintain it regularly. Clean the drum of your household appliance after every wash and change the filter regularly. You can also vacuum to stop the buildup of pet hair in your drum.

With a cat and a dog at home, you will always have hair lying around the house, especially on your clothes. Plus, now you know the tricks to eliminate them so they don’t stick to your laundry.