Throw a handful of salt down the sink before bedtime – it’s something you should make part of your daily routine!

Before going to bed, remember to put some salt in the sink. Why do you ask? The reason is really important!

Before going to bed, you must perform this very important gesture : throw some salt down the sink drain. Many think it is a useless gesture that wastes time unnecessarily, while this ingredient will do much of the work when you are asleep. If you want to know more, here are the details.

Clogged pipes: what can you do to fix the problem?

Have you smelled an unpleasant odor coming from your sink? It comes from the sink drain due to food leftovers as well as waste of all kinds that are poured down the sink. But the smell is not the only problem. In fact, these various wastes pile up and end up forming a big blockage in your drain.

As a result, you need to be careful about what you pour down your sink to prevent your drain from clogging completely. In fact, a clogged drain requires the quick intervention of a professional and that can cost you a lot of money. To do this, you must prevent debris from building up in your pipes by not flushing anything down them.

Why flush salt down the sink every night?

Instead of investing in expensive products to maintain your sink drain, all you have to do is introduce this rather strange method into your habits. You can adopt it to neutralize bad odors while removing clogs that have formed in your drains. And you have to act fast to avoid the costly intervention of a plumber.

Salt is a natural product with unlimited potential that people have exploited since the dawn of time. It used to be worth its weight in gold, but over the years it has become a common and accessible product that we use every day.

But how do you use salt to properly maintain your sink drain? Before going to bed, pour 200 grams of fine salt down the drain or prepare a mixture of 200 grams of fine salt with 120 grams of baking soda. Then pour the mixture down the drain and leave it overnight.

First thing in the morning, boil a liter of water and add the boiling water to the drain. This liquid will mix with the salt to dissolve the salt and all the residue and debris in the drains. No more clogs!