Throw some salt down the shower drain, why do so many people do it?

Salt can become an excellent ally not only in nutrition, for food preservation and also used in shower or sink drains.

Sink and shower drains can easily be a vehicle for insects such as cockroaches, carriers of bacteria that adapt to any environment and reproduce quickly, spreading diseases among the inhabitants of a home.

Bacteria and cockroaches in the house pipes

One of the main places where we can find cockroaches are the pipes in our home . How can we eliminate insects and bacteria that can make their home in our homes?

Himalayan pink salt

The option of using chemicals may undoubtedly seem like the best and fastest option, but it would not be a good idea, if we think about our health and that of the planet.

To avoid the presence of bacteria and the possible arrival of cockroaches into homes, the first thing we must do is clean the drains periodically and thoroughly to reach even hard-to-reach areas.

Sink drain

Cleaning products should include ammonia, because it helps to deeply clean and disinfect any space.

Damp spaces need to be dried, so it is advisable to remove all moisture from all places.

Using hot water and dish soap in the bathroom and kitchen, including sinks and drains, will help remove bacteria from pipes and will prevent eggs and feces of possible unwanted insects from accumulating there.
There is nothing more unpleasant than thinking about bacteria and insects in the kitchen sink.

Tips to keep in mind: salt down the drain

Salt is a natural disinfectant and can help kill bacteria and also act as a deodorant.

Before using chemicals on your home’s pipes, you should keep in mind that your home’s pipes are connected to other homes in your building, which means whatever you do with them. It will also affect others.

There are many benefits to using salt as a cleaning product . On the one hand, salt is a natural disinfectant. This means it can help kill bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Salt can be useful if the drains in your house smell bad. Many people wonder if there are risks associated with using salt to clean drains.

Salt shaker with fine salt

The truth is that there are no risks if you use it correctly , without overdoing it or abusing it. However, if you add too much salt or use it incorrectly, you could end up damaging your plumbing system.

If you are interested in using salt to clean your home , be sure to follow some tips.

All you have to do is simply sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of salt down the drain and then pour in some boiling water. Then pour a little white vinegar and repeat if necessary.

Boiling water is best for to get the maximum effect , as it will help to further dissolve any oil or grease that may be stuck in the drain pipe.

Clogged shower drain

It will also kill any harmful bacteria that live and accumulate in the pipes ; The best time to do this is right after cooking a greasy meal.

It is important not to add too much salt at once,  no more than two tablespoons should be necessary each time we perform this cleaning operation.