Throw the coffee grounds into the sink: you won’t be able to do without them

The coffee grounds must be thrown down the sink: the reason will literally leave you speechless.

If coffee is the   most popular drink in the world,   there’s a reason, right? Years and years of history have led to today having an innovative and tasty product with different variants that delight all types of palates and needs. Obviously, in addition to the coffee itself, the experts’ attention is on the coffee grounds that must be thrown directly into the   sink drain   . If you still don’t know this method, we will immediately explain why you should adopt it.

A brief history of coffee, the most popular drink in the world

The history of coffee is truly   ancient   , starting from the year 500 AD directly in Africa. Ethiopia is the homeland of coffee with an ideal climate for the cultivation of wild and lush plants with heights of up to   1300 meters   . The name was taken from the city of origin, Kaffa.

coffee grains

Coffee beans were used in different ways, until it was discovered that as a drink it was really   good and spicy   . Little by little it spread like wildfire, not only as a drink but also as a spice to flavor food. Slowly decoctions were discovered and in   1200 coffee beans   were roasted and ground into powder.

In the late 1400s,   from Mecca to Medina, the first tasting places were born, with cafes that attracted many people for a break. Then in 1554 in Istanbul the first cafes were born that serve an excellent drink to enjoy in company, to pass the time at any time of the day.

Hot coffee in a cup

It arrived   in Europe in 1600   thanks to the Venetians, skilled merchants, and was sold at a very high price. With the defeat of the Ottomans, a revolution occurs, as sacks full of coffee beans have been found in their camps for their use. From this moment on the diffusion is complete and the coffee continues today to be the best one could wish for.

Why throw coffee grounds down the sink?

Nowadays, where   to throw away the   coffee grounds? In fact, they are great for a lot of household tasks and also for body/wellness to try to adopt every day. Few people know that these funds can also be used in an alternative way, completely unknown to most people.

If the funds are always thrown away as if nothing had happened, today we reveal to you an ecological and excellent method to empty the sink and   always keep it clean. First, the funds should be placed in a container and then slowly poured near the sink.

Ground coffee in the sink

Turn on the intense jet of water and let it flow. The   coffee grounds   will be transported from the sink to the drain to the bottom of the pipes, making a particularly interesting noise. This is when the semi-clogged sink becomes completely unclogged.