Throwing away old hangers is a serious mistake: they are worth gold if you reuse them like this

Did you know that old hangers shouldn’t be thrown away? Really, if you reuse them like this they are worth their weight in gold. Let’s find out how to reuse hangers and why.


Do you have a lot of hangers at home and want to throw them away? Don’t do it,  here’s how you have to reuse them , you’ll see that they will be very useful for doing many other things at home.

Reusing hangers is great for recycling them

We all have lots of hangers at home and often don’t know what to do, given that every time we buy some item they give us them. But then, after having reserved those necessary to keep our clothes in order in the wardrobe,  what to do with the hangers ?

Don’t throw them away, there are many ways to  recycle hangers and avoid unnecessary waste . Instead of putting them in the garbage and increasing waste, you will make them last longer and avoid buying other things.

You won’t believe it, but there are so many ways to reuse hangers, especially metal ones, which are easy to shape as you like  to create new objects . Here are some ideas that will be very useful for creating order in your home and having original and innovative objects.


Bowl holder

Excellent for keeping the basins in order and  avoiding dropping them  when you put them in bulk, the hangers represent a convenient solution for storing them.

Fold the sides to the center and then in two, so that the hanging part remains free to place it on a cabinet door or shelf, and  hang the basin on it . Use the others for the same purpose and you will always have the basins in order.

Charger holder

With a metal hanger you can create a practical battery charger holder. Usually we all tend to place them here and there in the house and when we look for them we never find them.

To avoid losing this  essential object for charging your cell phone , take a hanger and lengthen the two parts, then bend the stem and form waves, so as to create a sort of seat.

Inside you can place the charger and insert the wire without it mixing with other things. Hang it wherever you want, even on the handle and that’s it, the support for your charger is ready!

Hairdryer holder

Don’t know where to put the hairdryer in the bathroom? With the   metal  hanger you can create a very comfortable support to hang the hairdryer  wherever you prefer. Stretch the metal inwards to create a sort of ball of iron and bend the hanger keeping the part to be hung taut.

Insert the hairdryer inside and hang the hanger wherever you want, you will see that you can easily attach it and you will have created a perfect support for this accessory.

Garbage bag holder

A good way to recycle metal hangers is  to create a trash bag holder . Create a square shape with two hangers and stack them on top of each other. Join them together with insulating tape, so that they are secure and turn the hooks inwards. Now  hook the support you created  onto the door and hang the garbage bag inside. This way you will keep it open and you can easily throw away waste.

Hangers –

Carry cards and magazines

Fold the metal hanger inwards on both sides, then fold the central hook and place the resulting support upside down. Hang it up and open the two doors slightly, you can store napkins and paper or whatever you prefer inside.

Bring shoes

A shoe stand is great to make with two metal hangers. Place two hangers one inside the other,  matching the hook  to the outside  of the other and vice versa. Fold the four corners and join the weak parts with insulating tape, to  keep them in place and secure .

Place the support upside down and you will have a nice shoe holder ready to place wherever you want. The support is also ideal for use inside the wardrobe, to hold multiple pairs of shoes.