Throwing laundry into the toilet is the secret of many housewives: the unimaginable happens

Throwing laundry into the toilet  is the secret of many housewives  . There’s nothing worse than a clogged shower. It’s annoying as a family, but it gets even worse when guests are planned. At this point, questions arise: Do you need to call in a specialist or take care of it yourself?

It is ideal to hire a plumber to solve the problem. However, if the incident occurs on the weekend, it needs to be solved with a DIY solution. With a little elbow grease this will happen.

Throwing laundry into the toilet is the secret of many housewives: the unimaginable happens

Choose  dishwashing detergents  that are truly effective and cost-effective without using harmful chemicals  .

Simply pour the solution  into the  toilet bowl  and let it sit for a while  . Its  degreasing effect  clears the evacuation channels from blockages.

How is this miracle cure made?

In the event of a clogged bathroom, you should stop touching the drain as this will only make the situation worse.

  1. Heat 4 liters of water in a pot  without bringing it to the boil.
  2. Next,  add 1/2 cup of dish soap  and mix.
  3. Gradually pour the solution into the bowl and let it  sit for at least 15 minutes.  The result is incredible. The shower will restart and the clogged toilet will be just a memory.

No grease can withstand the cleaning agent in combination with hot water. In fact  , dish soap helps remove anything that looks oily and can form deposits that could clog pipes  .

What to do if it doesn’t work as expected?

Success depends on the size of the obstacle. If this doesn’t work, repeat the technique as many times as necessary.

Don’t be discouraged because there are other tips.

Other ways to unclog the bathroom

  1. Simply mix  two glasses  of white vinegar  with  baking soda  .
  2. Pour the composition into the toilet and spray with hot water.
  3. Let it rest for a few hours   Avoid flushing the toilet during the process.

There is also the  pipe snake  , a tool that is inserted into the drain and allows to remove hair residues or other materials that are causing the blockage. This will allow water to circulate and unclog the channels.