Tips on How to Properly Clean Your Windows with a Squeegee – Household Tips

Among the many items that can make cleaning the house easier, the squeegee is certainly the one that best manages to combine practicality and surprising efficiency.

It is generally used when very large windows need to be treated, but it is now very popular in private homes too and it would be a shame not to use it!

So let’s take a look together at everything you need to know about using a raclette at home!

The shower

The first place you can experience all the benefits of using a squeegee is in the shower!

You will all agree that this is a part of the bathroom and the house in general where dirt is constantly present, especially on the windows.

Because when limescale forms, the glass is particularly affected and becomes matt due to water stains.

That’s why using a squeegee is essential! Simply spray a good amount of vinegar on the window, let it sit for 10 minutes and wipe off the stains with a sponge.

Finally, remove the traces of water left by the squeegee and you’re done!

Outdoor balcony glass

Balconies are usually surrounded by walls or railings, but fully glazed balconies are also common, although very impractical!

Simply fill a bucket of lukewarm water with 1 glass of vinegar or half a glass of baking soda, dip a soft sponge into it and rub it on the affected areas; Then use the squeegee and it’s clean immediately!

For the outside of the window, mount the puller on a weight to avoid having to use too much force and stress.

Glass in window frames

Wet the glass with a microfiber cloth dampened with water and vinegar, rub it over the glass, and then wipe it with the squeegee, removing all of the water horizontally or vertically.

Once cleaning is complete, remove the thin streaks of water and the glass will shine like never before!


Let’s finish the tips for making raclettes at home with mirrors!

The squeegee is also useful in this case because it can make them shine again so you can look your best!

Spray a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar onto the mirror, then wipe it with a cloth and use the squeegee to remove the excess solution.