Tips to remove dog or cat hair stuck to the bed or sofa

If you have a dog at home, you have surely experienced the pleasure of sharing a bed or chair with him.  These animals have been the best companions for thousands of years for humans and this is because they are the most faithful, loyal, sincere and joyful.

And although it is a precious moment to share these areas of the house with him, it is true that   the hair they leave on the blankets, sheets, bedspreads and even the armchairs can cause us a lot of problems.   . Therefore, in today’s article we are going to share with you an infallible trick so that you can remove hair from there.

things with latex gloves

Latex is one of the most elastic materials we have access to, it is a very comfortable and resistant material from which   gloves such as kitchen mitts are made. And to remove your dog’s hair from your bed, they will be ideal.

What I need?

  • latex gloves
  • raindrops
  • microfiber clothing

Step by Step:

  1. The first thing you should do to remove dog hair from your bed is to stretch the bedspread, blanket, sheet or wherever you want to remove the hair.
  2. After stretching the surface well, you should put on latex gloves and moisten them with a little water
  3. Once you have moistened them well, you should pass the gloves several times over the surface until you remove them.
  4. Finally you can wipe with a microfiber cloth to get rid of these small hairs that were left there.

Another trick: with duct tape!

Duct tape is another useful item for removing dog hair from the surface of your bed or sofa.  It is very simple and can also be very useful to remove it from your clothes or carpets. We explain how to do it in this step by step.

What I need?

  • wide ribbon
  • microfiber clothing

Step by Step:

  1. To start, you need to stretch the surface you want to clean to make it easier for you.
  2. Then you will have to cut sections of tape (the longer – depending on the size you want to clean – the better)
  3. And once you have the sections of tape, you need to place it on the surface to be cleaned and press it with your hands.
  4. You will need to wait a few seconds applying pressure and then quickly pull the tape back to remove the hairs from there and make the tape adhere to them.
  5. Once this operation is completed, you must pass the microfiber cloth over the surface to remove any small hairs that may have been left there.


Brush your dog frequently

This recommendation is the key to not having to do a very deep cleaning of your bed, chair or clothes when they already have your dog’s hair.  And it is neither more nor less than brushing, something that is also very pleasant for canines.

There is a wide variety of veterinary products such as brushes, combs, brushing gloves, rollers and others that are used to hair your dogs. And not only will it make   the job easier, but your dog will have a session of beauty and connection with you every time you brush him. 

vacuum the whole house

Although sweeping is often more within our reach, the reality is that if you have a floor made of ceramic, wood or any material or if you have a carpet, the most practical thing is always to   vacuum it.

Between blankets, bedspreads and armchairs, it is convenient to use the vacuum cleaner   mainly because it covers much more than sweeping, it prevents dust particles or your dog’s small hairs from remaining in the air   and also because you can do it on surfaces that you do not sweep with the broom.

Anti-hair fabrics

Since dog hair is common in homes, we have designed repellent fabrics for hair and other dirt particles that   may be convenient to use on the surfaces where your dog lives.

These fabrics, in addition to not easily sticking to your dog’s hair, are difficult to stain and    also have the positive quality of being able to be cleaned with a damp cloth,   which makes cleaning your dog’s hair at home much easier.