Toilet paper: here’s a clever trick that luxury hotels have been hiding for years.

Today we are going to reveal to you a brilliant trick that is used in luxury hotels. Turn toilet paper into a very useful object!

We use toilet paper every day. Discover in this article how toilet paper was created and how luxury hotels use it.

The origins of toilet paper

Did you know that the origins of toilet paper date back thousands of years? Ancient Egypt already used the first models of toilet paper in the shape of sea sponges to clean themselves after relieving themselves.

Later, in the Middle Ages, it was transformed into small pieces of cloth called rags. However, these cloths were not hygienic at all because they were reused several times.

The first toilet paper was made in China. Handmade rice paper was used, mainly for the rich. It wasn’t until 1857 when an American engineer named Joseph Gayetty invented modern toilet paper.

He manufactured sheets of paper pre-lubricated with aloe vera and marketed them as a hygienic cleaning product. But they were not successful.

We had to wait until 1890 for toilet paper to resurface. A New York company put rolls of plain paper without aloe on sale. This form of toilet paper immediately attracted people, and its use became popular.

Nowadays, toilet paper has become an essential product in the home to ensure perfect hygiene. Available in a wide range of models, toilet paper is mainly made from cellulose or recycled paper.

How do hotels use toilet paper? This tip is fantastic!

Do you want your toilet paper to look good and not open when you take it out of its packaging? Here’s how to get your toilet paper tidy and perfectly hygienic. It is a method that is fashionable in large hotels.

Start by folding the edges of the toilet paper into a central triangle. This will help you remove a single sheet without wrinkling the entire roll.

Next, turn on the faucet and let the water run gently. Then close it again. Next, pass the triangle-shaped part of the paper under the closed tap so that it becomes moistened with the water drops. These drops are enough for the toilet paper to stick without getting it too wet.

Then let it dry for a while before storing the roll on your shelf. This is an unstoppable trick that major hotels use so that their toilet paper always looks good and does not open the first time it is used.