Toilets, because many throw an onion ring down the sink: the reason revealed

If someone tells you they flushed onions down the toilet, don’t look at the horrified person. He has good reasons for doing it and in the following article we tell you why he does it.

The cleaning of the toilets requires our attention on a daily basis, it is a place where the presence of bacteria and germs must be fought.

Cleaning and disinfection of toilets
Take a look on the shelves of supermarkets, in the laundry department, to see the importance given to cleaning and disinfecting the toilet bowl.

The notion of hygiene is linked to cleanliness and the reduction of germs, which is why when we look for professional cleaning products, we mainly look for those with disinfectant properties.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the main recommended preventive measures to avoid infections were also discussed.

Open toilets
The removal of dirt or impurities from a surface, especially toilets, by the mechanical or chemical action of cleaning products allows us to eliminate or reduce harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mushrooms, etc.

Disinfectants or cleaning products are generally presented in such a way that the consumer expects the product to help protect public health by controlling harmful organisms.

Someone has found in the use of onions in toilets a green solution to the age-old problem of toilet cleaning and hygiene. Let’s see how the properties of this edible onion are exploited.

Because so many people are throwing the onion to the nettles
We can get some unexpected benefits from onion, and not just from a nutritional standpoint. All we need is a medium-sized onion and a little baking soda.

Before starting, we remove the dry outer part of the onion, as it hinders our further work.

red onion
Then continue by cutting the onion in half, which will then be cut into small pieces. As the onion causes tears, we can wear glasses to overcome this inconvenience.

Then place the onion pieces in a small blender to which you will add baking soda (about a tablespoon) and a little water to gently mix the onion.

The onion has now taken on another form, it looks like a thick paste that is placed in a small cloth to be ‘pressed’ in a bowl to extract all the liquid content.

In this way, we got a super powerful cleaning solution that can not only remove stains, but also sterilize and disinfect our toilet bowl.

Allicin in the toilet
This is because onions also contain an important bactericidal ingredient: Allicin, which is both antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

According to some authoritative lab studies, not everyone knows there are 100,000 bacteria in your toilet bowl. A perception that is certainly not pleasant if one imagines that the moment we squat on the toilet, “this quantity of unwanted guests awaits us”.

It is therefore essential to sterilize and disinfect the toilets regularly, but without using chemicals that are too harmful to the environment.

It is now necessary to pour the liquid that has just been obtained into the toilet water and pass it over the entire cup using a special brush, to finally flush the toilet.

This onion pressed with baking soda therefore cleans and disinfects our bathroom.

Toilet cleaning
If we don’t have a small blender in which we can mash the onion with the baking soda, we can still use the onion.

Just put them in a bowl, then add hot water and soak for half an hour. We will have the same effect and with a natural method.

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