Tricks to eliminate annoying green bugs forever

There are many areas of our country that during this period have to deal with the very annoying  green bugs  . They are practically everywhere and end up colonizing our terraces, our balconies and our houses. Not to mention when we found dozens of them on the clothes hanging out to dry.

Although they do not bite and are not dangerous to humans,  green bugs  are especially annoying due to their characteristic odor, which they emit if they feel threatened or crushed.

Fortunately, there are tricks and precautions that allow us  to keep little green bugs away from our homes  .

The first is simply to  clean the garden and balcony well  . Green insects usually lay their eggs under the leaves, and this is why a weekly cleaning of the plants, eliminating the eggs, is undoubtedly one of the most effective tricks.

The second trick is to fill a bottle with water and pour  4 tablespoons of garlic powder into it  . Spray the solution on plant leaves, soil, and entry points for green bugs into our homes. Garlic has natural repellent properties.

To put the third trick into practice, just place some  mint plants  in the garden or on the balcony. Alternatively, fill a spray bottle with water and add  10 drops of peppermint essential oil  . Spray the solution in areas most frequented by annoying guests.

The fourth and final trick is to prepare an  insecticidal soap  by mixing half a liter of water with 10 drops of liquid dish soap. Spray the solution on the leaves of the plants, it will act as an adhesive against green bugs.