Use this instead of soil, you’ve never had orchids like this: they will be very bushy

Not everyone knows that the orchid is a very ancient flower loved by everyone. More and more people are fans of this beautiful plant. Its shapes and colors are a touch of elegance and refinement. But how can we make orchids lush? There is a trick that few know: let’s find out more. 

As you well know, there are many varieties of orchids. One of the most loved and widespread is  Phalaenopsis  . It is chosen to give a touch of elegance to the place where it is located, in fact, it is possible to admire it at home, in shops and even in offices. However, like any plant, it needs a lot of attention and care.

It is not that easy to grow it, but there is a trick that will leave you speechless, in fact, in just a few steps you can make it lush and healthy like never before: let’s see how to do it, you will be surprised as soon as you see the result: all the details.

Lush, Healthy Orchids – Here’s How It’s Done

In order to grow an orchid to perfection, it is necessary to know the basics of this plant, in fact, it is good to start with the roots. To keep it always healthy, you will have to put it in a vase of any type, whether terracotta, plastic or even fabric.

But the best choice you can make is to grow it in a glass or transparent vase, so that its roots acquire the appropriate shine. If you have at least one, you will have noticed that the roots are covered in a  white layer  , because this way the plant can absorb the correct amount of water.

orchid roots

Transparent pots  are also very useful for continually monitoring the health of the plant. Additionally, the roots are all aerial, so orchids do not need to grow in the ground. But not everyone knows that another element can be used to make them grow in perfect health. From the first days, you will see that they will be  super lush  . The procedure is really simple: let’s find out more.

Use this material instead of soil – incredible result

Not everyone knows that for orchids to always be healthy and lush, it is necessary to put an element in place of the  soil  . We are talking about a material that few know about, perlite.

Why is it good for this plant? Perlite  is of volcanic origin,  making it an excellent thermal insulator. It also helps the rooting of the branches.


The appearance is very similar to that of polystyrene balls, in fact,  perlite is white  and very light, it does not even alter the  pH of the orchid  . Nurseries use it to promote the growth and development of the plant, because it allows correct reception of water and facilitates the respiration of the roots, since it is not compacted like soil and therefore it is impossible for water to stagnate.