Use this secret technique to restore shiny tiles – what a satisfaction!

Over time, tiles become dull and lose all their beauty. Fortunately, it is entirely possible to restore the aesthetic appeal of this tiling, so you can rediscover the reason you chose this particular type of tiling in the first place. Here’s how to do it smartly.

Restore the shine of the tiles with this secret technique: what satisfaction!

Dirt on tiles is inevitable, given that they are in constant contact with our shoes, as well as with dust and various types of dirt. Both the general surface and the joints become unsightly.

If you only rely on a broom wrapped in a cloth and soaked in soapy water to wash your tiles, that will never be enough. You need to know this ingenious trick, which is based on the use of natural products.

Make your own degreasing product by combining ammonia and water. It is advisable to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the strong odor of the mixture. Then, follow these steps for the cleaning itself:

Put on gloves and use a sponge;
Immerse it in the solution and rub;
Dry quickly with a clean cloth;
Clean the joints by mixing water and mortar powder;
In a bowl, mix 100 ml of water with 3 tablespoons of powdered mortar;
When you get a product of elastic consistency, you can stop mixing;
Use this solution to clean black gaskets;
Next, wash the floor as you normally would with conventional washing products.