Very powerful moisture absorber, 50 cents will be enough to make it disappear

Humidity, how to get rid of it in just a few minutes and above all at a ridiculous price? You will only need 50 cents to create this very powerful absorbent that will protect your home and your health.

To   get rid of humidity,   you absolutely have to try this system: with   the do-it-yourself humidifier   , which will only cost you €0.50 to make, you will be able to find an environment free of   mold and humidity   .

The ABCs of moisture prevention

Moisture is one of   the most common problems   that always threaten the health of the house. This, which undoubtedly affects the interior and exterior of the walls of our home, can be   harmful   not only to the home but also to the health, especially of the elderly and children.

Mold and humidity

Most experts in the field will surely have given you a lot of advice. For example, you may have been told that to   avoid humidity, hygiene and ventilation   are really the ABCs of trying to solve this problem.

If you have also tried   different systems   , even different from the ones we just mentioned, to eradicate it permanently but without success, continue reading this article. Today we offer you   a solution   that we are sure you will not be able to do without either.

Did you know that in just a few minutes you can   eliminate humidity from your home   ? How? Simply making a DIY dehumidifier that, due to the materials used,   will only cost you 50 cents   . So here, as inexpensively, you can definitely say goodbye to mold and damp.

How to create your own dehumidifier at a ridiculous price

Dealing with   humidity   is a really annoying problem. In almost all homes, it seems to affect both the exterior and interior walls of our house. Most of the time, it does not appear on its own but also brings   mold   that can cause long-term respiratory problems.

Mold and humidity

Obviously, you have to try   to get rid of it as soon as possible   . To do this, it will not be enough for you to change a few daily habits, but you will have to do more. Today we offer you   a solution   that we are sure you will not be able to do without.

Ready to make your own   DIY dehumidifier   ?  With only €0.50   you can eradicate humidity from your home. This is how you should do it. The first thing you need to do is   get an empty plastic bottle, 100 g of coarse salt, 10 drops of essential oil of   your favorite scent   (e.g. lavender is beautiful), some cotton and two rubber bands.

Again, a cutter and scissors. Let’s start right away. The first step is as follows:   cut the top of the bottle into three quarters   , then wrap the neck with a bundle and secure it with two rubber bands.

At this stage,   place a cotton ball in the bottle and pour   the essential oil of the fragrance you prefer into it (obviously it will end up at the bottom of the bottle).  Flip the top of the plastic bottle over   so that it rests on the bottom, forming a sort of funnel.

At this point,   pour the salt that I prepared earlier   on the neck part:   your humidifier is ready!  All you have to do is place it in a room, the most humid, so that it begins to absorb moisture.

Have you seen how a simple object   can be reused in very useful ways   ? Just by equipping yourself with   few materials and with a negligible cost   , you have created a tool capable of saving your home from humidity.

Obviously, we advise you to also implement   practices   that help you eradicate this problem. What are we talking about? We’ll tell you right away. The first important thing is that your house is always ventilated:   ventilation   is the most important system to avoid humidity.

Also pay attention to hygiene.  If you have noticed that in addition to humidity there is also mold, immediately start cleaning   the objects or walls   where it appeared. Expert advice is to use a   solution of soap, bleach and water.

This way, you can   disinfect the surfaces well.  Also pay attention to   drying clothes   . It would be best to place them outside, in direct contact with the sun and fresh air.

However, if you really don’t have the possibility, place   a container containing coarse salt or rice under your clothesline   : these two elements are capable of absorbing moisture and preventing the appearance of mold.

And if you have   carpets in your home, remember to clean them frequently   . You will see that with the humidification system that you have created and with these small recommendations,   humidity will be just a bad memory.

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