Vinegar in the bathroom solves a very annoying problem: many people do it

Wine vinegar in the toilet: pour a little into the bowl and you will see what a miraculous action it has. Not everyone knows this, we will explain it to you.

Wine vinegar is not only an ingredient that enriches our salads and dishes. Of course, in the kitchen its incorporation into dishes can make a difference and make everything even tastier, but it is not the only way to use this product with a thousand uses.

In fact, many times we have been told to use vinegar when cleaning the house . It has sanitizing properties that should not be underestimated. Unlike the detergents we buy in the supermarket, it is a completely natural remedy and free of chemical or toxic substances.

Wine vinegar for our bath

Anyone who cleans the house daily knows that there are some areas of our home that are more difficult and demanding to clean. The bathroom is one of them. This is an environment that must be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected: the presence of dirt, germs and bacteria can be harmful.

Wine vinegar

In the common imagination, cleaning is immediately linked to the use of numerous detergents. There are many products today and there is one for every purpose. These detergents promise to deeply sanitize what we decide to clean and they certainly work, but we must not overlook the other side of the coin.

Detergents are effective, but our pockets and the environment are affected. They reach quite inconvenient prices and the result is a clean bathroom, but the environmental damage is not insignificant. With the same result and at half the price we can choose to use natural, comfortable and sustainable products. One of them is vinegar. Let’s see together how to use it in the bathroom of our home.

Natural medicine

Leave it on overnight: the benefits

As we well know, it often happens that the bottom of our toilet bowl gets very dirty. It turns yellow and appears to form stubborn scales. The solution is at hand: pour a little wine vinegar into the glass and let it sit overnight . The next morning, rub the brush vigorously both on the bottom and on the sides, everything will come out like magic.