Vinegar Tip for Making Dry, Crispy Fries

Without a doubt, fries are everyone’s favorite when it comes to a rich, practical and easy to prepare side dish.

However, we must recognize that few times they have turned out as we wanted, so we fall into the error of thinking that making good potatoes, like the ones they make in fast food restaurants, is a almost impossible task. We try but it doesn’t work and we end up giving up.

But don’t worry like everything else, the perfect fries also have their secret and we are going to tell you about it. You will see that by using this tip you will forget about those mushy, mushy potatoes that you hated so much.

You will surely be surprised when we tell you once again that the solution to our problems is once again the wonderful  vinegar  . We always hear about the countless properties of this liquid, we can use it to remove stains, remove scale and solve countless things that we thought were hopeless.

This time we are going to use it once in our kitchen and we will make this task easy and with optimal results.

Vinegar Tip for Crispy Dry Potato Chips

It’s a very simple trick to do, since it consists of just one step:  bathing the fries in vinegar  before frying them in the pan or cooking them in the oven.

I’ll explain it to you in detail in case you didn’t understand it.

-First we peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks.

-Pour the potato sticks into a container with 1 liter of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

-Let sit for about 10 minutes.

-Then we drain and dry each of the sticks well with a dry cloth, absorbent paper or something similar, the important thing is that they are well dry.

-Finally, cook in a pan with plenty of oil at around 190 degrees.

Ready! Nothing could be simpler, don’t waste time and try this foolproof tip, they will be surprised to see your potatoes super crispy and more than delicious