Washing machine: 5 golden rules to get the most out of it

Washing machine: 5 golden rules for optimal use  . Even though we have always been loyal washing machine users, there are always things that we miss. It is still very early to say that we have mastered the use of the washing machine perfectly. The proof:  its use has a major impact on electricity bills.

Washing machine: Filter maintenance is one of the 5 golden rules for optimal use

Like any appliance, the  washing machine also needs  maintenance so that it lasts a little longer. In addition to regular cleaning of the washing machine, maintenance of the filter should not be neglected. Therefore  , it is very important to clean the filter, whether inside or outside.

Second rule: Do not neglect washing the drawer

Another component of the washing machine that quickly gets dirty is the  drawer  .  The latter collects a lot of dirt such as mold, lime or even cleaning products  . It should be washed regularly.

Third rule: clean the outer seal

You should also  pay special attention to cleaning the outer seal, as detergent builds up in grains like hair and fabric softener  .

Washing machine: One of the 5 golden rules is vacuum washing

Always with the aim of maintaining the washing machine, it is advisable  to do a  vacuum wash  .  The latter is an effective solution against  bad smells and traces of limescale  . In addition, vacuum washing helps the basket come loose better. In fact, it is a process that allows to loosen whatever is blocking the drum. To perform vacuum cleaning, it is recommended  to add baking soda and salt to the basket immediately before starting vacuum cleaning  .

Fifth rule: clean the external part of the washing machine

In addition to the double glass, the outer part is also covered with  dust  . For cleaning, we recommend  dusting regularly with a clean cloth  .