Washing machine, before starting it, throw it in the trash if you want to save money

Thanks to this ingredient, we can save money when we start the washing machine. This is what it is.

Every day we find ourselves having to put some clothes in the  laundry basket   to wash them and then have some clean ones to wear while we wait for them to be washed and then reused.

There are different ways to wash these clothes, but the most common is the   washing machine   because it saves time and is faster than hand washing, which is only recommended in certain cases.

Washing machine: the ingredient that saves us money

If we are faced with garments with a particular print and that must be washed cold, also due to their fabric that could deteriorate in the washing machine, it is better to wash them by hand.

Usually the   washing machine   can be turned on at any time of the day, but due to electricity consumption, many Italian citizens turn it on at night, when the autonomy is low.

For this reason, the noise from this device   will be heard little in the morning compared to the afternoon, although care must be taken when putting it into operation so that it does not cause acoustic damage to our neighbors.

use the washing machine

To have soft and scented clothes, we tend to buy specific softeners and detergents, but many of them can contain elements that can be harmful over time.

For this reason, many housewives have trusted the advice passed down from generation to generation by their grandmothers and they see   the use of natural ingredients in the washing machine tub.

Among the most common are   baking soda or Marseille soap  flakes     or lemon juice, but there is one in particular that solves many problems and saves us a lot of money.

What to use inside your device

We are talking about   white vinegar   . This ingredient will not only tend to whiten our clothes and therefore prevent halos and persistent stains from forming, but thanks to its properties it will soften the clothes.

In addition, its particular smell will remain on our clothes for a long time and thanks to the addition of an essential oil we will be able to have a natural detergent to use every time we start the washing machine   .

This is useful because   white vinegar   , in addition to washing and disinfecting our clothes, will also tend to act on the washing machine itself, preventing lime deposits and other residues from adhering inside.

Washing machine: the method to save

Thus, our   device   will not only clean our clothes impeccably and leave them sparkling, but it will also have benefited from special maintenance thanks to the action of vinegar and we will have saved a lot of money.

In fact, by replacing it with detergents we can have this ingredient for only   €3   that could last us several months and we will prevent our washing machine from breaking down and having to resort to an expert.

This advice is just one of the many that our grandmothers passed on to us and that remains today, after a long time, among the most effective and used by the     most expert housewives .