Washing machine: The trick to properly cleaning the filter

Washing machine: The trick to properly cleaning the filter  . This cleaning method is based on  the use of a simple vessel  . This will make it easier for you to clean this device thoroughly, as cleaning the drum and compartment is already tedious.

Washing machine: The trick to properly cleaning the filter

As I said, this trick is based on using a glass. However, before we detail the steps to do this, we must first tell you this important information about cleaning the filter.

In fact , this component of the  washing machine should   be cleaned every three months  . It is strictly forbidden to operate the washing machine during cleaning.  Once you have unplugged the device, you can remove the filter.

Once this component is removed, you can  remove the accumulated dirt by holding it under running water.  Next, take  a glass jar and pour water and vinegar into it  .  Then immerse the filter in this solution.

You can also add water and a natural degreaser (a combination of baking soda and vinegar) to a jar. Then immerse the  filter  in the solution to remove any accumulated dirt.

Don’t forget to wipe the tub where the filter is located in the washing machine with a damp cloth  . This is a very important step before reinstalling your clean filter.

Some practical advice for a washing machine in good hygienic condition

  1. It is recommended  to clean  the basket once a month  by programming a  vacuum wash cycle and at high temperature (90°). To optimize cleaning, you can  pour in a glass of vinegar;
  2.  To clean  seams often clogged with mold  ,soak a cloth with a solution of baking soda and water  .
  3. Use the cleaning power  of  baking soda and vinegar to  unclog the detergent compartment with soap and fabric softener. To do this, simply immerse  these accessories in a bowl of water, three tablespoons of baking soda and vinegar  . Then continue cleaning with a brush stroke.