Washing sheets at 60 degrees is wrong! The ideal temperature

The ideal temperature for washing sheets in the washing machine

We use the washing machine almost every day and can’t imagine living without it. The household appliance has, in fact, greatly simplified our lives when it comes to treating clothes and more. For example, it allows us to wash sheets with no effort.

Washing sheets: the right temperature

Unlike our ancestors, who did not have the same luck as us, technology often comes to our aid. The washing machine is a clear example, capable of giving excellent results, provided you know how to use it correctly.

To wash sheets, many people set a rather high temperature, around 60 degrees . Maybe you do too, but, at the risk of disappointing you, we must tell you that it is not the optimal solution.

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Are you surprised by it? It’s easy to believe this, since it is a very widespread belief. By doing so, however, you will lose out. So, write it down: the ideal temperature for washing sheets is 40 degrees ! The washing machine models in circulation obviously have higher quality than their predecessors. And they manage to guarantee excellent performance with less aggressive treatment.

In this way, you will avoid ruining the fabrics and, at the same time, you will reduce the environmental impact . This is especially true if the color of the sheets is dark, since, in the long run, they can lose their characteristic shade.

In the process, use sanitizing detergents . Preservation in excellent condition also depends on the products used, so be careful when making a decision! Instead of buying the first item displayed on the supermarket shelves , always consult the ingredients.

Down filled comforter

Change the sheets periodically to keep germs and bacteria away . Also, clean both the drum and seals of your washing machine regularly and don’t overload it, as it will struggle to do its job. Adopting good rules makes your household chores a lot easier, just follow the right steps!