Washing shoes in the machine without damaging them: the ingenious “hook” trick

Wash your shoes in the machine without damaging them, thanks to a simple and ingenious trick. Get clean, fresh-smelling shoes in just a few minutes. Once washed, they will be like new and you will always want to wear them. We know you love your favorite shoes, so you should know this trick.

Wash your shoes in the machine without damaging them: goodbye to tiring hand washing!

Say goodbye to the endless task of washing your shoes by hand in the sink or in the garden. Now it’s easy, quick and effortless to clean your shoes to perfection. This little-known but genius trick will transform your routine.

Now washing your shoes in the washing machine is easier than ever. Once washed, they will not only be impeccable, but also pleasantly scented. Just use your favorite scented soap. Adopt this method today to show off impeccable shoes and make your daily life easier.

Impeccable shoes in the blink of an eye: the steps to follow

What could be more beautiful than wearing elegant, comfortable and impeccably clean shoes? Imagine putting your feet into dry, pleasantly scented shoes, without having spent so much effort cleaning them.

That’s what the washing machine is for, a revolutionary and really practical device. Now you can give new life to your favorite pair of shoes by following these simple steps.

Let’s find out how to do it:

To start, take a hook and attach it to the outside of the washer, just above the opening.
Attach the laces to the hook.
Put them in the washing machine
Close the washing machine door and start the wash cycle
You will be able to enjoy perfectly clean shoes. When drying your shoes, make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight.