We tried it: The fabric softener removes dust for 7 days. It forms a repellent layer on furniture

Dusting furniture, appliances, and window sills is like fighting windmills. Dirt particles are omnipresent and can only be removed in a laborious manner.

Cleaning is not a popular homework task, but it is necessary. We feel more comfortable and work well in a hygienically clean and fragrant room. However, when it comes to dusting, it’s a disaster. Just when you think the microscopic particles are crap, the next day they’re everywhere.

Dust’s best ally is the sun

After a hard cleanup, you take a nap and sit on the couch to watch TV. But you will be shocked. As soon as  the sun shines and presses against the windowpane  you immediately see the dust. Worse still, the dust can also be found in hard-to-reach places or in areas where it is not normally visible. And that is also a problem. If you forget to wipe these areas, the dust will spread all over the room and the cleaning was actually unnecessary.

This method saves you a lot of time

Stop fighting dust every day and try a trick that requires two simple ingredients. Our editors didn’t believe it at first either and decided on an unusual technique. What a surprise awaited them when  the dust had long since disappeared  . Believe it or not, after just seven days, dust started forming on desks, cabinets, and computer screens. That means he disappeared from the room for a whole week.

Don’t look for anything complicated with the trick

If you want to take a break from dusting for a week or longer, follow these steps. To make the gadget you only need two things that you can find at home. First, prepare a spray bottle and  pour fabric softener and water  into it. Wipe the dust affected areas with this mixture and enjoy cleaning. This method not only works, but as a bonus it also ensures a pleasant scent in all your interiors. You will no longer be a slave to cleaning and will have more time for your partner and children.

Fabric softener naturally repels dust

You may be wondering why dust no longer sticks to furniture. The answer is actually quite simple. Fabric softeners create a protective film on the surface  which also works when washing clothes. Areas treated with a mixture of fabric softener and water become waxy, preventing dust.