What to do with expired shampoo? 8 Alternative Uses

Did you know that shampoo, essential for washing our hair, can have other daily uses? In this article, discover 8 alternative uses for your shampoo and take advantage of its diverse benefits. Let us take stock of the situation for you.
What to do with expired shampoo?
Have you received a large amount of shampoo samples at the hotel or simply purchased a shampoo that doesn’t suit you or has now expired? Before you waste these cosmetics by throwing them away, put them to good use!

  1. Use shampoo as shaving cream
    Shave your legs
    How are you?

All you have to do is take the shampoo and mix it with water.
Use this solution to shave.
The shampoo glides well on the skin and does not leave any unpleasant sensations or irritations. This is the best alternative to your shaving cream!

  1. Clean the hairbrush and makeup brushes
    Cleaning a makeup brush
    To be quick, we simply remove the hair from the brush without washing it.

How are you?

Now you can apply a small amount of your expired shampoo to the brush,
Rinse well under warm water with a comb,
And finally let it dry.
For your information
Additionally, you can clean makeup brushes with shampoo by rinsing them thoroughly with warm water. Remember that anything related to the skin or scalp needs to be cleaned regularly (at least once a month) to avoid the buildup of bacteria and dirt.

  1. Clean
    Using shampoo can be useful on wooden floors and tiles.

How are you?

Say goodbye to dirt on floors by simply using a mixture of shampoo and water.
Then mop the floor and it will be perfectly clean again!

  1. Wash your car with shampoo
    For those who want to wash their car without having to run to the car wash, add shine to your bodywork by using shampoo as a cleaning product.

How to do?

In a bucket full of water, add 1/4 cup of shampoo,
Mix well,
So, get a suitable sponge to wash your car.
Wash as usual

  1. Clean delicate clothes
    A pile of wool sweaters
    You can now use shampoo to wash clothes made from delicate fabrics like wool.

How to do?

Use it to gently wash your garment in warm water,
Then, rinse thoroughly.

  1. Spice up your leather shoes
    How to do?

Dab a drop of shampoo (preferably mineral oil) onto a cloth
Then, gently scrub the leather shoe.
It also works on sofas, bags and leather belts.

  1. Clean a mirror
    How to do?

This trick involves pouring a small amount of shampoo onto a paper towel and then wiping the entire surface of the mirror.
As a final step, remember to clean the mirror with a dry cloth.
This will prevent the appearance of fogging when you shower or bathe. Try it on your swimming goggles too.

  1. Clean bathroom faucets
    Did you know that you can clean your shower or bathtub faucets even when you’re in them using shampoo? Yes, yes! This product is a real cleaning product that will make your faucet shine.

How to do?

Just clean the taps with a little shampoo,
Leave on for a few minutes,
Then rinse with plenty of water.
A shampoo you no longer use! From now on it’s no longer about throwing it away. It would be very useful as an alternative to alleviate some of the hardships of everyday life.

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