What to put in the oven to avoid burning the bottom of the cakes? no one thinks about it

Appetite comes with eating, it is often said. But eating begins with the eyes first; and a burnt pasta is not very appetizing. We prefer it when it’s golden. But with a gas oven, in some cases we may see the bottom of your pastries, burnt. How to prevent this inconvenience.

Although it has the advantage of making its users consume less energy, a gas oven is not always the most practical when it comes to controlling the cooking temperature. Your cakes, tarts and gratins sometimes come out with a blackened bottom if you don’t pay attention to the oven temperature. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, our tips will help you ensure that the bottom of your pastry doesn’t burn.

What do you need to put in the oven to avoid burning the bottom of the pastry?

cooking in the oven

Baking in the oven. Source: spm

The design of   some   gas ovens   is precisely the reason why pastries almost always come out with blackened bottoms. The problem could lie in the poor distribution of heat inside the oven. In this case, you can fix the problem with these tips.

1- Place a bowl of water in the oven

To make cakes, cookies or tarts, simply place a large salad bowl or large heat-resistant bowl under the baking pan and fill it with water. This water will need to be replaced if it starts to boil, as the goal is   to absorb excess heat  . This way the heating will be uniform on both sides of the dough.

2- Put the salt in the oven

This trick consists of inserting   at the lowest level of your oven,   a tray or tray different from the one used to cook your delicacies, after sprinkling it with a very thick layer of salt. This salt-filled dish can stay in the oven as long as you like. It will only make your desserts more appetizing.

3- Place aluminum foil in the oven

Aluminum foil for cooking

Aluminum foil for cooking. Source: spm

When you want to cook a meal or snack in the oven, your first instinct is often to place the griddle in the center. However, moving it a little higher will prevent the food from coming out with a blackened background. You will simply need to cover the top of the contents with aluminum foil.

4- Put a pan in the oven

Another trick is to place a used baking tray on the lowest level of the oven, putting water or salt in it. Excess heat will be absorbed.

5- Use two electric plates

Keep the sheet containing your pastry in the center of the oven and add   a second empty sheet   underneath to recover all the excess heat. This way the bottom of your baking dish or shortcrust pastry will not burn.

Now you know what to do to prevent the bottom of your cake from burning and to prevent this situation from happening the next time you bake your cake.