Where should the jade tree be placed? – tips for properly maintaining a jade tree

Its leaves are thick and round, its woody branches make it look like a small shrub: it is a jade tree.

This plant, whose botanical name is Crassula Ovata, is one of the best-known and most widespread succulents. It is sold in supermarkets, nurseries, and florists and can be found in small or very large pots.

Extremely hardy and easy to grow, it is said that receiving the jade tree as a gift is a sign of good luck: thanks to its coin-shaped leaves, it symbolizes wealth.

But if we bought or received this plant, where is it best to keep it?

Let’s see some places to put it to keep it green and healthy.


Have you decided to keep the Jade tree on your balcony or in your garden? It’s a good choice!

Outdoor exposure conditions are much better for this plant than indoors.

Choose to place this plant in a place exposed to direct sunlight, but take a few precautions. First of all, in the middle of summer, do not keep it in full light during the hottest hours, otherwise, the sun’s rays may burn its leaves.

In addition, keep it in sufficiently large pots or report it at least once a year: in optimal light conditions, this plant tends to grow a lot. Keeping it in a small pot compromises its growth and general health: it is therefore better to give it the space it needs.

It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the Jade Tree kept outside is well maintained:

  • Direct light, allows the plant to be beautiful and healthy.
  • The absence of wind, which, if too strong, can break the woody branches of the plant.
  • Rain protection. As you know, this plant is a succulent and therefore does not need much watering. Too frequent rains will compromise the health of the roots.

Warning: this plant likes heat, more precisely temperatures constantly above 15°C. In winter, if it is tall and in the ground, it can bear very low temperatures, down to -4°C.


The jade tree can also be kept indoors. As it is very rustic, it adapts well to any environment, although some precautions must be taken.

In the bathroom

Does your bathroom need a splash of color? Decorate it with the jade tree.

This plant does not have great exposure requirements: it tends to grow best when there is plenty of light, otherwise, its leaves will become thin.

If you have a bathroom with an opaque glass window or covered with a filter curtain, the degree of brightness in the room may be insufficient. Let in some direct light at least in the morning and your Crassula ovata will thank you by growing lushly!

Also, the humidity, which is slightly higher in this room, is a real bonus.

On the desk

One of the places where the Jade Tree is traditionally placed is on the desk: placing it there, according to tradition, would bring good luck to the economy!

Of course, it’s also important to know what kind of desk you have. Ideally, the desk should always have bright light for a few hours of the day.

It is also always good to open the windows from time to time to ensure good air exchange.

On the coffee table in the living room

In a medium-sized pot, Crassula Ovata tends to grow upwards, taking on the elegant shape of a small tree that can add some charm to the living room.

Place it on a small table not far from the window, so that it gets a good amount of direct light and can continue to grow healthy and strong.

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