Why 2 bay leaves in the bathroom?

What we always look for in summer is the   feeling of freshness   that immediately brings well-being and relief!

The   summer heat  , in fact, often becomes our staunch enemy because it not only makes us more tired, but at home it makes us exhale all possible bad odors.

Today you are going to see with me   4+1 valuable tips to perfume the bathroom  , that is, the area most affected by odor and dirt!

citric fruits

What element is more suitable than   citrus fruits   to give the sensation of freshness?

Citron and orange  are indispensable in this world  , not only because they do not have good energy for our daily lives, but also for the house!

To continue, you have nothing left to prepare  an infusion with the rounds of citron and orange.

When it reaches the boiling point, cool and  cool the pendant at night  , then filter the whole thing and pour it into a vaporizer.

Il ne vous reste plus qu’à le  vaporiser dans la salle de bain à  chaque fois que vous souhaitez vous parfumer!

NB  If you souhaitez intensifier le parfum, you can also add the gouttes d’huile essentielle d’agrumes !


Even   the laurel   could not be missing from our attraction among the most effective towers!

Now let’s see how to prepare a   bay leaf fragrance   to refresh the entire bathroom in 2 minutes!

A very quick first remedy is to place a   sprig of bay leaf near the shower head   (protected from splashes of water).

The steam will exhale all the fragrance that will spread throughout the bathroom in no time!

The alternative is to always make the   infusion to be filtered and sprayed in the bathroom   .

mint and rosemary

In addition to laurel, there are other   fantastic plants to give freshness and fragrance to the bathroom   !

I’m talking to you about   mint and rosemary   , can you imagine what intoxicating smell they can give off together?

To use them, you can put some twigs intertwined in the shower as mentioned above for bay leaves or create a DIY scented spray.

Infuse   3 bay leaves and 4 mint leaves   , once boiling, turn off the heat and let it infuse for a few hours.

Then filter the mixture and that’s it!

lavender flowers

Still on the topic of flowers, I can’t help but mention   lavender flowers!

Perfect anywhere in the house, from bedrooms to bathrooms! This flower is also perfect   for conveying a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

If you are very creative, I suggest you prepare some   decorations with lavender strands   intertwined and fixed with a colored ribbon to put near the shower.

You can also put the dried flowers in a large breathable mesh bag.

Essential oils

Finally, I offer you a classic and timeless method that can help you instantly!

They are   essential oils  , essential elements for those who prefer natural remedies to perfume the house.

Put   5 drops of essential oil to your taste   in half a liter of water, then put everything in a spray bottle.

Spray it all over the bathroom and you will see what a fantastic aroma!


Do not use the methods if there are ingredients inside that may cause allergy or hypersensitivity.