Why always put tea bags on the heater? The little-known trick for saving money

If you are a heavy tea drinker, this can have great benefits for more than just your health. Know that tea has more than one trick up its sleeve and that you can put it to good use to combat certain daily inconveniences.

Why You Should Put Tea Bags on Your Heaters to Save Money?


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Tea bags   are   used for more than just infusing your hot beverage. If you tend to drink a lot of tea, you will find that it can help you fight against certain inconveniences in your daily life. Instead of throwing away your tea bags after use, you can    recycle your tea bags for other purposes. Although tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world after water, it has features that can help you when you put it on your radiators.

  • Place tea bags on heaters to combat odors and save money
Turn on the heater

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Tea bags   can be recycled to combat bad odors that settle in your home. They absorb unpleasant odors and   disinfect the rooms in your home  . To eliminate bad smells from the refrigerator, cat litter or garbage, tea bags are effective. They can also be placed in strategic locations   to deodorize rooms in your home.  By placing them on your radiators, you save money on air fresheners as your tea bags can absorb unpleasant odors and naturally perfume your interior.

Discover more tips for recycling tea bags in your home


Teabag. Source: spm

Tea bags have countless functions that can be useful in your home. Instead of throwing them away, they can help you in many ways for your well-being   and your home.

  • Make compost with your tea bags

If you are a tea drinker, you can recycle your tea bags   to use them as natural fertilizer for your plants. To do this, simply remove the label from the tea bag and the clip,   place the bag directly into the plant’s potting soil and then water it.  If the tea bag is not made of natural products, you can   use the tea directly inside to add it to the soil  . The tea provides all the nutrients necessary for your plants to grow well.

  • Use tea bags to degrease

Instead of using cleaning products to clean your interior, you can use your already used tea bags. Allow your tea bag to dry and place it directly on the object to be cleaned. You can use it   to degrease dishes and especially your glassware. Used tea bags are also very useful for caring for your windows and mirrors. To do this, rub them with your tea bags and wipe them with a microfiber cloth.

Now you know that tea bags have countless functions that can help you at home.