Why doesn’t your lemon tree give lemons and how to make it of many fruits?

With lemon prices going up and down (more up than down) it is a good idea to have a tree of this delicious fruit in our house, however, despite our care, we may not get the results we are looking for, that’s why today we are going to tell you why your lemon tree does not give lemons and how to make it of many fruits.

First of all, you should know that with these trees you have to be very patient, because they can take a long time to bear fruit, you will have to wait between 2 and 3 years to achieve the miracle of your first lemon, therefore, many people try to acquire them bigger and not grow them to get fruit much faster.

It is a tropical evergreen tree that is very little resistant to cold and its flowering is permanent, also, it is very sensitive to soils with a lot of salinity or shallow, however, it adapts very well. This tree usually does not exceed 4 meters in height and its leaves have a strong and delicious aroma.

Why your lemon tree does not give lemons

Why doesn’t your lemon tree give lemons and how to make it of many fruits?
Lemon trees have flowers almost permanently, but lack of flowering may be related to lack of nutrients or errors in their basic care such as light or watering.

Basic care:
It should be placed in a sunny location where it receives at least 7 hours of direct sunlight
Watering should be abundant in spring, summer and fall, at the end of the latter season we need to give much less water because drought plays a major role in flowering.

We need to pay for it two or three times a year
Reasons why it does not bear fruit or flower
Poor drainage
Lack or excess of sunshine
Lack or excess of watering, as its roots may rot
Lack or excess of subscriber
Poor pruning or pruning in winter
Lack of space

Common pests and diseases of the lemon tree:
The aminer
Cottonwood mealybug
Spider mite
Alternaria and Penicillium fungi