Why put 3 bay leaves in the refrigerator?

Laurel  is a fantastic and much loved plant not only in the garden as it has vibrant green leaves, but also in the home!

We cannot help but say that it is a  valid support for many household tasks  mainly linked to bad odors in various areas of the house.

Its smell is very fresh and intoxicating, so there are those who choose to make natural perfumers to spread it throughout the rooms.

Today, however, I will tell you  how to use it in the refrigerator  and together we will see the  benefits that you may not have expected!

Properties of bay leaf

Let’s start with what are the  properties of laurel!

We could safely say  that they are infinite  since the leaves are used for a bit of everything and also have a particular symbolism.

In reference to the latter, laurel is the plant chosen to adorn the graduation crown and is therefore associated with wisdom and knowledge.

Then, focusing on the other properties, we could say that a few bay leaves are  excellent for making an infusion against stomach aches and related problems.

Its  scent  also provides  relaxation and well-being  , it is no coincidence that some choose to put a sprig of bay leaf in the shower to breathe in all the scent.

In short, a truly wonderful plant!

How to use it in the refrigerator

Once the main qualities of bay leaf have been established, let’s see  how to use it in the fridge!

Very often  , unpleasant odors are  detected inside this device and the causes can be different.

Typically,  strong-smelling foods such as cheeses or fish  that have not been stored well spread throughout the refrigerator, permeating other foods as well.

Another very common reason is leaving food to thaw in the refrigerator for more than a day. Again, a problem with bad odors is not paying attention to expired or gone bad foods.

Well, to solve this whole series of problems it is first good to be more careful, but above all  to use bay leaf to say goodbye to bad odors!

You will need to put  a few scattered sheets on each shelf of the device  and leave it there for several days.

You can also combine it with the deodorant action of baking soda, just fill a bowl with baking soda and bay leaves to have a perfect deodorant in the fridge!

Other methods with bay leaf

We said that in the refrigerator it is valuable, but the potential of this plant certainly does not stop there!

Let’s find out  the most loved and used methods with laurel:

  • Fragrant infusion  : excellent for scenting all the rooms in the house, you will need to boil 3 or 4 bay leaves in a saucepan then take it to all the rooms.
  • Bag for cabinets and drawers  : Take a large breathable mesh bag and fill it with bay leaves, then place it in the furniture and drawers of your choice and you will smell a fantastic scent!
  • By vacuuming  : you can perfume the whole house simply by passing the device! Chop a few bay leaves and put them in the bag.
  • To revive colored webs  : prepare an infusion with bay leaf, pour it into a basin of lukewarm water and place the webs to be treated. Leave it like this for a few hours and you will see that the colors will be more vibrant!


Do not use bay leaf in case of allergy or hypersensitivity. For all the remedies indicated always prefer the dried leaves.