Why should you burn a bay leaf at home?

Since the dawn of time, bay leaves have been considered to have many medicinal properties. At home, bay leaves can be used fresh or dried and have multiple uses. In cooking, some people use bay leaves to flavor soups, meats, stews or terrines. To reap the benefits of bay leaves, others prefer to use it as an infusion or essential oil. In this article we explain why you should burn bay leaves at home.

Like lavender, rosemary, mint or even sage, laurel is an aromatic plant that can be used for its medicinal properties. Rich in antioxidants, bay leaves fight the harmful effects of oxidative stress on the body. Some use it in herbal teas, essential oils or herbs to enrich salads, meats or soups. But learn to burn bay leaves to exploit some unsuspected virtues of this plant.

Why should bay leaves be burned?

purifying ritual

Burning bay leaves is a practice derived from a Native American tradition of using the smoke of certain sacred herbs for purifying purposes. To get rid of negative energies and purify your home  , this ritual is very interesting. To achieve this, place the lit hot coal on a metal saucer or incense burner, then place the bay leaves on top of the hot coal. Smoke every room in your house for about 10 minutes. So, open the windows   and evacuate the smoke at the same time as all the negative waves invading your home.  

Other benefits of bay leaves

Bay leaves

Bay leaves have many other benefits   that you should know about. We find its essential oil known as Laurier Noble, in hair, body, nail or skin care. Additionally, bay leaves have benefits for stress and anxiety which can negatively affect well-being. They alleviate insomnia problems and help you unwind and relax. Finally, some use bay leaf to eliminate dandruff.

How to use laurel to reap its benefits?

benefits of bay leaves

Depending on the purpose, you can use bay leaves in different ways. To relax, fall back asleep and calm stress  , simply make some bay leaf tea or pour bay essential oil into your bathtub. In infusion or by inhaling smoke, bay leaves are a real asset to be exploited for your well-being.