Why should you wash clothes inside out

We all have our own habits when it comes to clothing care. And to make clothes last longer, some people adopt an almost systematic reflex: wash inside out. In fact, there are several reasons why you should. We tell you more about this later in this article.

Sweaters, T-shirts, jeans, shirts, pants: Why do you have to wash clothes inside out?

Your favorite sweaters, t-shirts, shirts and pants deserve to be pampered. This involves washing, drying and then ironing. To properly start a machine wash cycle, some people recommend washing clothes inside out. And believe it or not, having this habit won’t stop your clothes from being washed properly. On the contrary, this seemingly trivial operation will prolong its useful life. Without further ado, we reveal the main  reasons  that should push you to do so.

1. Most dirt and sweat accumulate inside your clothes

Sweat stain on a white sweater

The outside of a garment is not the only part exposed to dirt and contamination. There is also the inner part, which is in direct contact with the skin and is inside your jeans or underwear. This is because body fluids and perspiration accumulate there and cause yellow sweat stains and persistent odors. So if you adopt this reflection, your clothes will thank you!

2. Fabrics are protected from possible discoloration

Jean inside the drum

Once inside the drum, anything can happen to the fabrics! The most delicate ones are easily damaged and brightly colored fabrics lose intensity. To avoid the worst, it is best to return clothes before each wash. Do this especially with jeans  ! They lose not only their original blue color but also the quality of their material and its elasticity. The same goes for other garments made of fragile fibers such as blouses, t-shirts or pants. It’s not that complicated, right? If you adopt this reflex, you won’t necessarily have to renew your wardrobe next season!

3. Embroidery, prints… and all the details are protected!

Embroidered denim jacket

If you care about a specific garment, the most logical thing is to turn it inside out before putting it in the washing machine. Because ? The rubbing of the different fabrics inside the drum is often responsible for its deterioration. Small details, embossing, edges, seams and sequins stick to the machine drum and damage fabrics. Also, if you have drawings on your jeans or T-shirt, it’s best to wash them inside out so they don’t fade.
Another little bonus: by turning your clothes inside out, you’ll also be able to empty your pockets and put away some important items. Your machine will thank you too!

How do I put clothes in the washing machine correctly?

To take good care of your laundry  and avoid unpleasant surprises, you must take certain essential actions. Of course, careful maintenance of the washing machine is necessary to avoid deposits of dirt and limescale on the fabrics. But that’s not all, these other methods will guarantee you a clean and sparkling laundry. Follow the guide!

  • Don’t overuse the products:  if you think it’s good to put a lot of products in the washing machine to wash your clothes well, you’re wrong! An overdose of detergent often leaves traces and product residue on clothing.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine drum:  To be quick, you may be tempted to put too many clothes in the washing machine. But did you know? Overcharging your device can not only damage it but also reduce its efficiency. When overloaded, the appliance will not be able to spin properly and the clothes will remain damp. Furthermore, water will not be able to access all tissues homogeneously.
  • Don’t forget to use washing nets:  Do you feel like sliding some fragile clothes into the washing machine? Take out your washing net. You can insert your bras and all your fragile textiles or lace. They will remain intact when they come out of the machine!

How often to wash clothes?

Did you understand the importance of washing inside out? Follow  our few practical tips  for always clean and well-cared for clothes!