Why sprinkle salt on your doorstep? It solves a problem we all have

Who can do without salt? Used wisely, this key ingredient in the kitchen can spice up all our dishes, soups or stews. In addition, coarse salt can allow us to clean sink drains, remove wine stains from a carpet, clean the refrigerator, disinfect cutting boards, eliminate cockroaches and much more!

So when some people put it on their doorstep, there is a specific reason for it. Let’s find out!

Why put salt in front of the door?

It’s an old grandmother’s trick, still as practical and effective as ever!

In fact, many people sprinkle salt at the entrance to their homes to keep ants away. The properties of this ingredient, which is essentially sodium chloride, make them instinctively flee. Like weeds,   salt naturally  repels   ants   while destroying their nests.

So if you find salt on a neighbor’s doorstep, you shouldn’t worry: it means that he is setting up a natural system to prevent the grouping of ants at the entrance to his house.

The method is very simple:   sprinkle salt where you noticed an ant passage. Note, however, that once the scout ants have shown the others where to go, another line is created.

After spotting them, build a coarse salt-based dam to prevent these insects from crossing the door.

Man scattering salt

Salt helps absorb moisture and ward off the “evil eye.”

The salt sprinkled on the front door not only helps eliminate ants, but also reduces the humidity inside. In fact, salt is said to absorb moisture: it is an ionic compound that strongly attracts highly polar water molecules. In addition, sprinkling coarse salt on the outside of doors and windows improves the internal condition of the house.

Finally, according to several cultures, the use of salt  also helps to drive away negative vibrations, evil spirits or bad luck.

Glass of salt

Other uses of salt?

As mentioned, salt has other benefits and can    be useful in many situations . Here are a few:

  • Soothe a bee sting:  If you are attacked by a bee, immediately wet the sting and sprinkle salt on it.
  • Put out a grease fire:   Sprinkle salt on it to put it out.  Note:  Never use water to put out a grease fire.
  • Clean spills from the oven:  Sometimes food spills on the bottom of the oven. Sprinkle salt on top to prevent smoke and odor. Once the oven has cooled, remove the residue with a brush.
  • Eliminate Poison Ivy:  Add a little salt to soapy water. Then spray this solution on the leaves and stems.
  • How to recognize expired  eggs   :  In a cup of water , add  two teaspoons of salt. Place an egg in this cup. If the latter is fresh, it will sink. Otherwise it will float.
  • Remove grass between   patio stones    : You can sprinkle salt on the grass and then pour very hot water over it. A second method is to sprinkle coarse salt on the grass, let it sit all day or night, and then pour hot water over it.
  • Repel fleas:   You can use salt as a natural flea repellent.

As you can see, salt is useful in many ways. You can then use it however you want.