Window: the free and secret heating function

Window: Here is the free and secret heating function.  You may never have guessed it, but the window has a special feature that helps  warm up the interior  . As the  winter season  approaches and you want to cope with the rising electricity costs, it is in your best interest   to know this free tip .

Use windows wisely

PVC  windows are the most popular type of installation   In fact, in addition to being  modern  , they also allow better savings in electricity consumption.

In fact, the main preoccupation of households today is   controlling  the cost of energy bills . For example, it is advisable to install the  heater  in a place where there are no obstacles. In fact, this allows better distribution of heat inside.

And that also applies to windows. In order to use them to heat the house, certain requirements must be met. These conditions include:

  • A new window
  • A well-sealed window
  • PVC windows

Window: the free and secret heating function

In fact, PVC windows have this little-known feature that allows better  insulation of heat inside  . Please note that this feature is not available on older products. The latter are  equipped with a seal that is too old and no longer allows the room to be heated properly.

Therefore , to activate this function  it is necessary to look for the pin in the frame  . It can be seen after opening the window. To do this, tighten  the screw at a 90° angle using pliers or simply with your fingers.

To activate the “Summer” function, simply unscrew the pin  . This is a secret technique but very interesting to know. In fact, it is possible  to contain the  hot air  inside by blocking the entry of cold air.

However, if you feel you are unfamiliar with this window system, contact the manufacturer or a professional.  Final tip: Replace old lights to reduce costs.