With 1 tablespoon of this, your plants will flower immediately

Use just one teaspoon of this biodegradable product and your plants will start flowering immediately. Try it now and you will see the difference.

1 tablespoon of this

Many decide to decorate their house or balcony/terrace with flowers. It is not always easy to cure them all and make them always prosper. Often some of them do not make flowers and for this reason we are going to see how to always have flowering plants with this simple method that can be done at home.

Before going to see it, however, we want to recall some fundamental aspects to have a healthy and lush plant. Temperature  , location and light. These three are fundamental and change for each plant  , so depending on the plant it has you will have to find the right compromise.

flowering plants - here's how you can get them

Another important factor, however, is fertilization. This is very important because it helps the plants grow healthy and strong so that they can then flower. We will therefore see how to help your plants with a completely natural method , using a biodegradable product that you will find in your kitchens.

Plants, the mixture to promote flowering

To help your plants, you can use an all-natural, biodegradable fertilizer that will be absorbed by the plant. All the nutrients will therefore promote the healthy and luxuriant growth of the plant. You can find what you need in the kitchen and that is eggshells and ground coffee  . Only these two ingredients.

You will need to get some eggs first and only get the shell  . If you have them ready, you don’t need to clean them inside, otherwise wipe them with a towel to remove any residue. At this stage, all you have to do is  put them in the blender and reduce them to powder  . The quantity of eggs depends on the number of plants to which you want to give this fertilizer. Usually start with 3 eggs.

eggshell - put it in your plants

Once your eggshells have turned into powder, it’s time to add the ground coffee  . Add 3 teaspoons and start mixing the two powders well until they mix well. At this point, the compound is ready to put into your plants.

Simply put a spoonful of product in your plant and let it penetrate the substrate, always using the spoon  . This way you will allow the plant to assimilate the fertilizer well. This compound based on eggshell and coffee will help improve the photosynthesis process and the color of chlorophyll. It will also provide potassium, magnesium and zinc.

eggshell and coffee in your plant - they will flower right away

But most importantly, it will help the plant stay healthy and flower immediately  . Eggshells contain calcium necessary for plant health. Coffee, on the other hand, is rich in nitrogen, potassium and magnesium as we have already said. But there are also minerals essential to plant health. So you just need to try this natural method too.