With 3 leaves you will have a fast and guaranteed flowering: the secret weapon of nurserymen

Do you have many plants at home, but you can’t get them to bloom and sprout at their best? In this article we offer you a method that not everyone knows. Let us find out all the details about the fruitful procedure to follow to get unexpected results.

three leaves

Are you passionate about  plants  , but you can’t make them grow and sprout as you expected? Without fear! In our article we let you discover something truly innovative, capable of improving the situation of your orchard, your garden or your balcony.

Not everyone, in fact, may have an innate talent in reference to the green thumb. However, with a little practice, experimentation, and a desire to learn how to get involved, you can improve. Are you ready? Here’s what you need to do to make your plants flower and germinate more safely and effectively  . Let’s find out why you only need to delete 3 sheets and implement a particular method.

Tear off 3 leaves from the plant and use this method

A solution to germinate seeds, for example, is to leave them in a container with water at room temperature. They will become softer and this will allow them to germinate more quickly. When you notice that the seeds are about to germinate, remove them from the container with water.


This that we just mentioned is a method to germinate seeds. However, there are many moves to implement as well to improve the situation regarding your  plants that don’t want to grow  , even though you seemingly do everything you’ve ever been taught.

How to fix everything? Here’s something that will change the way you approach plants forever. Your garden will sprout and you will be able to obtain better results. You will be gratified and satisfied to see your plants grow and always be lush. Here is everything you need to know about this process. All you need to do  is tear three leaves from the plant and put into practice each movement that we will show you  .

Here you have the solution so that your plant sprouts in the best way

A guaranteed method to ensure a more prosperous and lush flowering for your plant is to remove three leaves. After doing this simple operation, it will be advisable to add a few  cloves  . They will then be inserted into the sheets in a practical and quick way. This move will aim to protect the plant from pests in the future.

Fast flowering

But now comes the fun part. In fact, you will have to  put the leaves with the cloves inside a normal blender  . This move may seem strange to you, but as we will see, it will create a useful solution for your plant. How should you proceed after having carried out the movements that we have just indicated?

After placing the leaves in the blender, you will add about  a liter of water  . The important thing is that it is neither too hot nor too cold, but rather at room temperature (about 20°). After putting the lid on the blender, you will begin  to blend everything  . You will not be making a strange recipe, but rather a solution that will be very useful for your plant to germinate in the future!

Once the operation is finished, you will open the lid and filter the solution with a strainer. This way, the unmixed clove parts will be removed from the liquid. In the container, therefore, you will have obtained the solution that will allow you to be ready for your purpose.

All you have to do is pour it into a smaller glass and go  water the plant  . Set excess solution aside. In fact, you will need it in the future, since you will have to water the root of the plant  once every 30 days  . After a few weeks, you will notice that your plant will flower better than normal. Seeing is believing!