With just a candle and a tree branch, you can create something unique in a matter of seconds.

In just a few seconds, you can make something amazing with a candle and a tree branch. Let your creative talent impress you!

If you have things destined to be thrown away, you can give them new life with a few DIY moves. You can transform them into original and creative objects to decorate your home or give to your loved ones.

Today we are going to share with you a very surprising idea that can be done in just a few minutes. You only need a candle and a tree branch and the end result will be super cool.

Take a candle and a tree branch and you will have an incredible result!

With this method you can create something unique in just a few minutes. All you need is a candle and a tree branch, and the rest is just amazing.

First, melt the candles with boiling water. It is enough to use the bain-marie technique, since the steam is enough to melt the wax. We advise you to choose white unscented candles.

After this stage, when the wax is soft enough, cut the candles into small pieces. This will help the candles melt more quickly.

Next, grab some wax pencils and do the same, cutting them up and mixing them with the candle pieces. Now take a wooden stick and stir to melt the wax.

When the heat has melted the candle and waxes, you will have a colorful mixture that you can pour into a large bowl. Next, moisten your hands with a moisturizer so that the wax comes off your hands easily.

Once you have your hands wet, dip them into the candle wax and then into another container filled with water. Meanwhile, grab your dry tree branch, which is the main object of your creation. By dipping your fingers into the wax, you can create small flowers to hang from the tree branch.

Repeat the operation up to three or more times to create many little flowers. In a few minutes you will have something unique: a flowering branch that you can put in a vase at home.

You can also gift it to someone in your family. What’s more, if you manage to create many, you can even sell them to earn money.