With the envelope technology, the kitchen stoves stay like new: zero fats

Did you know that using the envelope technique is enough to make your kitchen stove grease-free and shiny? The fat disappears and with it the fat.

About on the stove
When cleaning the kitchen, it is important to also clean the worktop, including the grills and stoves, especially if they are full of grease and grease . Leftover food doesn’t even come out of the stove and if we don’t wash it carefully, it becomes crusty and black, leaving the kitchen looking old and dirty. A very clean cooktop with shiny grates and burners is something completely different!

But what should you do if you have to take care of the oven after a few days due to lack of time? Don’t worry, there is a very simple and quick method to have very clean ovens quickly.

We’re talking about the envelope technology or the plastic bag that we are given when shopping in the supermarket. Thanks to this trick we quickly get very clean and shiny ovens, free of grease and dirt, well disinfected and smelly. Let’s see how to perform this technique!

How to prepare the mixture for the kitchen and the grill.
To achieve excellent results when cleaning your kitchen countertops and therefore have very clean and degreased grills and ovens, you must use an effective mixture . Forget supermarket produce, here’s a homemade mix that you can make at home in minutes before cleaning up the kitchen and with inexpensive and easy-to-find ingredients . Here’s what you should do:

Take a glass container;
Pour in half a glass of floor cleaner;
Add two teaspoons of baking soda;
Mix gently;
Add ¼ cup white vinegar;
Mix everything well.
How to perform the envelope technique
Implementing the plastic bag technique is very simple. If you find that your stove is full of splattered food, fried food or other food you have cooked, this method will solve the problem and you will have a gorgeous plate in no time . Before proceeding, you should first check whether the stove or grills are hot. If there are no problems, you should do the following:

Remove the countertop grates;
Remove the burners by removing the top and bottom.
Place some rolled up paper towels in the burners.
Spray the previously prepared degreasing mixture onto the work surface.
Open the ends of a few plastic bags and cover the entire stove;
Let everything rest for about ten minutes.
Handling technology for stoves and grills.
Meanwhile, take a plastic bag and place it in the countertop racks. Place the stove with the burners in another bag and spray the previously prepared degreaser into the bags.

Let them also rest for ten minutes and then take the racks, wipe them with a kitchen sponge with the green side and rinse them under running water , preferably warm. Also clean the stove and burners with the sponge. When doing this, make sure to remove any debris with the green part and rinse with tap water.

The stove and burners will be as clean and shiny as ever. Once this phase is complete, it’s time to remove the bags from the counter. Take a soft microfiber cloth and remove all of the degreaser from the various spots on the countertop. Also remove limescale deposits and dirt.

Rinse the cloth and wipe again until the plate is completely clean and free of dirt and scale. At this point, dry it thoroughly and you will have completed the cleaning and will achieve exceptional results with little effort. As you can see, with the bag method you don’t have to spend hours degreasing the hob, stove and grill grates.