With this method, watering the plants during your vacation will no longer be a problem

A quick and easy method allows you to water plants even when you are forced to stay away from home for a while.

Water the plants

Anyone who has one or more plants in the house or garden knows how important it is to pay special attention  to watering  , in order to make the  plants vigorous and luxuriant  and to guarantee a long life for the plants. Care and dedication are therefore necessary to be able to fully admire the beauty of your plants. But what do you do when you have to be away from home for a while? The first thing that comes to mind is  to contact a trusted person  (friends, relatives, partners, work colleagues) to water the plants. However, there is also a method that allows plants to continue to get the necessary watering even without turning to other people.

Watering plants even when you’re not at home: the foolproof method

The first thing to do is to get  two plastic bottles  , one larger and the other smaller. In fact, we will have to cut the last part of the largest bottle: from the bottom we calculate six centimeters in height and proceed to cut. Once this step is completed, we take the smaller bottle which  will be positioned vertically inside  the lower part of the larger bottle. Using a marker, we will also mark the maximum tank limit on the small bottle, which will coincide with the height of the bottom of the larger bottle.

Watering the plants

Half a centimeter lower than this mark that we will leave with the felt pen,  let’s make a small square  (possibly with a felt pen of another color). Using a cutter we will remove the plastic from this square, in order to have a small window from which the water will come out. Once this step has also been completed, take a piece of fabric and obtain a strip of approximately 35 centimeters long. This strip of fabric should be placed on a piece of aluminum foil  , which will be wrapped around the strip. We will have to be careful to take out about 4 centimeters of fabric from the wrapped sheet. All that remains is to fold the wrapped aluminum and place it inside the lower part of the plastic bottle where we have already placed the smaller bottle.

The method is also perfect for vases

What we are doing is nothing more than  drip irrigation  . The base must be placed in the ground, with a depth of about half a centimeter: inside we will place the smallest plastic bottle full of water, which will come out of the window and fill the lower part (which will serve  as a  reservoir). Once this is done, the wrapped (and folded) aluminum is applied to the inside of the base, which will act more like a sprinkler. In a short time, water drops  will start to come out of the sprinkler  and therefore water the soil of the plants.

Watering the plants

But what happens if we realize that irrigation is occurring at too rapid a rate? Don’t worry, watering  can also be regulated. Simply  tighten the wrapped leaf more  so that the water passes more slowly and ensures good irrigation. This method is also perfect for the pots that we have at home, as long as we use some kind of small container that  supports  the irrigation system. The idea is truly sensational and allows you to go on vacation even for a few weeks without the plants being affected.