With this move, everything shines and smells good for 15 days: with immediate results

Having a clean and fragrant home is the dream of all of us and very often we resort to industrial methods, but there are many natural methods that are much more effective. 

The  house  represents our nest, the safe place in which we feel protected in the company of our family or even alone. One of the main goals is to keep this nest well maintained, tidy and above all fragrant. In fact, having a home that smells good is one of the goals of most of us. Today we see a  very interesting remedy  .


As we have just said, having a  fragrant home  is the dream of each of us too because when we come back from work or shopping, if we find everything in order and clean, it is a great satisfaction. However, it is not easy to find  suitable products  , although modern industry actually offers a large number of them.

Perfume the house for 15 days

In fact, it will be enough to go to the  supermarket  , position yourself in front of the shelves and choose the one that is most economically practical, the one that inspires us as a brand and the one that we like the most as a brand . fragrance. But how many times have we arrived home and been  disappointed  by what we received?

Maybe we even bought the most expensive and branded product, but in the end it doesn’t smell and clean as we would like. This happens very often, but we don’t realize that some  natural and cheaper products  give much better results. An example? We have a very interesting remedy to perfume your   bathroom, in particular , and we obtain this result for 15 days.

How to Perfume the House for 15 Days

Most people now understand that buying expensive, branded household products  does not always guarantee  the desired result. This is why it is very often useful to rely on natural materials. In this article we will see how to perfume the house for 15 days with just a few  ingredients.

Ambiance perfume

First of all we  will need  a bar of soap with the scent that we like the most, a grater, a little baking soda, a coarse kitchen salt, a clean container , a small bowl and a teaspoon and a mask that we have used so far for the pandemic. Let’s start with the  process.

We grate at least half of the soap using the grater and put it in the bowl. Add two teaspoons of baking soda and a large spoonful of coarse table salt. Once everything is combined  , mix  very well so that all the ingredients blend together.

This compound will be useful in  eliminating  not only odors, but also dirt, encrustations and mold. We form balls and place them in the clean container and remember that this process is very simple and that anyone can do it with little effort  and  above all with little money. We close the container and store the balls in a dark, dry place.

Infallible Method for Perfuming the Home

The balls that we have just recreated are stored in the  container  and when we decide to use them, if they are not all taken, we will have to store them in the same way. At this point we take the mask and cut  one end. Let’s keep the rubber band because we’ll need it later.

We then open the  mask  and put inside one or two balls of the mixture obtained first from soap, bicarbonate and salt. With the elastic kept, we close the end with a very tight knot. So we go to the bathroom, open the toilet tank, where  the water is, so to speak  , and immerse the mask in the water.

Be careful, you will have to be able to repair everything in a comfortable and safe room. If we wait a few minutes, we will already notice how the water in the tank  changes its appearance  and this is thanks to the soap and the bicarbonate. When we go to flush the toilet, this compound will act not only in terms of scent, but also in terms of  cleaning  the cup.

You will therefore notice how  bad odors  will disappear, the encrustations which usually form under the rim and especially limescale will no longer be present. Clearly, this system will not replace the daily cleaning of our bathroom but will help us in the business. In addition, we will not only smell the smell in the bathroom but throughout the  house.