With this natural fertilizer you will have a load of flowers for the entire year at no cost.

We often wonder how to keep your plants in perfect condition without having to resort to chemical fertilizers and industrial products. That is how.

Natural fertilizers

Keeping plants thriving is a topic of interest to both new gardeners and more experienced gardeners. In fact, depending on the season and temperatures, some plants could be affected by the weather and appear weaker and less healthy. But there is a 100% natural fertilizer that will allow you to always keep them vigorous at practically no cost, and doing so is very simple. Let’s see how to do it.

How to have healthy plants with organic fertilization

In addition to the common fertilizers that are also sold in the best-stocked supermarkets,  there is a completely natural method to take care of your plants  , in order to provide them with all the nutrients and minerals they need. In fact, it is possible to fertilize plants completely naturally with what is commonly called  organic fertilization  .

How to have thriving plants

The name suggests  the use of completely natural raw materials  , useful both for the environment, because chemical compounds are avoided, and for the pocket, because they are generally very economical methods  . purchased  _ Often, because they are not treated properly or simply because of a change of location and exposure, newly purchased plants are usually under stress and need a good dose of vitamins and minerals. And some may be surprised to know that  even succulents are not free from fertilization. . The only things our plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and nutrients. But where can we find all these useful minerals for our plants? Simple, in a very widespread fruit, or rather in its skin: the banana.

Banana to fertilize

So let’s see how it is possible to make an effective fertilizer for all types of plants at home in a short time and at no cost.

Use banana as fertilizer

A fruit rich in nutrients and mineral salts not only for humans but also for plants,  banana peel is perfect as a fertilizer  , as it preserves the fruit’s own properties. All you will need to make your own organic fertilizer is some banana peels. Making it is actually very simple, all you have to do is cut the peels into small pieces  and place them in a container. Then pour a liter of water, cover everything and  let it rest for at least 3 hours . After this time, get a strainer and transfer the liquid to a bottle or container, saving the peels that you can later use as compost or throw away in organic waste. After three hours of maceration,  the banana peels will have released all their nutrients into the water  and what you will have obtained will be an excellent fertilizer with which to water your plants.

Use the compound to water.

You can alternate the use of homemade fertilizer with regular watering, using it approximately every 15 days. In a short time you will see your plants leafy  and, above all, with enviable flowers. You can also be sure that even though the raw material is banana, the  compound will not attract insects or mosquitoes in any way  .