With this product you will remove all stains from your car seats: no dirt

Use this product to instantly remove stains from your car seats. Here’s how to keep dirt away.

One of the things that get dirty most easily is undoubtedly the seats of the car. How often have you found animal hair, food fat or fat residue from drinks? Knowing which method to use to clean them is definitely important to keep them unchanged for a long time. Here’s an easy-to-find and affordable product that will make cleaning your car seats hassle-free!

Stain on car seat

Remove the stain from the car seat: Use a mixture of dish soap

A degreasing product that can give you very clean car seats is dishwashing liquid. They also use it in the kitchen every day, so it’s easy to find and cheap too. However, to this product you need to add soda crystals, a detergent that you can easily find on the market. Here’s what you’ll need to make the mixture:

  • 2 tablespoons dish soap;
  • 2 teaspoons soda crystals;
  • 2 cups hot water;
  • 1 stiff brush;
  • 1 basin;
  • 1 pair of plastic gloves;
  • 1 towel.

If you have everything you need to prepare the right car seat cleaning solution, here’s how to do it.

How to prepare the mixture

Preparing this mixture based on dishwashing liquid and soda crystals is easy, here is what you need to do and how to clean car seats at the same time :

  • Put on your gloves and vacuum the car seats.
  • Pour two tablespoons of dish soap into the bowl;
  • Add the two teaspoons of soda crystals to the bowl;
  • Add the two cups of hot water and mix thoroughly;
  • Lightly soak the brush in the mixture and gently rub it over the seat.
  • Clean the car seat with a towel.

The cleaning procedure carried out repeat it in all the seats of the car, also in those at the back . When you’re done, roll down the windows and let the seats dry, letting air in. Finally, vacuum again to prevent the seat material from swelling and to vacuum up any residue.

By following the instructions above step by step, you will be able to obtain extraordinary results and have very clean and perfectly sanitized seats. There will no longer be any traces of dirt or stains and any encrustations will be removed. And all without using chemicals that could damage the seat fabrics.

Baking soda

Effects of dishwashing detergent and soda crystals

The products work and remove stains from car seats because they contain substances that effectively remove dirt, even the most stubborn dirt. As a degreaser and stain remover, dishwashing detergent has a deep action, similar to the foam you find in stores for seats.

Unlike what you find on the market which is more aggressive,  dishwashing detergent but is much gentler and eliminates grease and grease, without ruining the materials. Couch potatoes. Soda crystals also work on textiles in the same way and disinfect them thoroughly.

These are also degreasers and also antibacterial so they disinfect car seats and prevent infections. When you mix the two products together, you get a solution that is the best way to clean your car seats and keep them running smoothly for a long time.

Finally, the stiff brush also has its importance so that you can achieve the best results. With its powerful action, it manages to bind the unsightly balls that form on the fabric and make it smooth and clean.

Use these products whenever the car seats are very dirty and you will see that you will get very satisfactory results, like no other product can assure you! They remove the stains, dirt and grease that accumulate every day, effortlessly and with little effort!