With this remedy, not only will you perfume your home, but the mosquitoes will never come back

This is a home remedy, which not only perfumes all rooms, but permanently keeps mosquitoes away from the rooms.

The home remedy  , which in addition to diffusing an excellent scent throughout the house, defeats the attack of mosquitoes. How is it possible? DIY experts interfaced with cleaning professionals, creating something unique and completely natural. Ingredients that  mix  to create something aesthetically pleasing and something that can help restore domestic well-being. Let’s find out together how to do it?

Remedy to perfume the house: the ingredients

The  home fragrance   was developed by wellness professionals and DIY enthusiasts. In fact, just considering some all-natural ingredients can create something unique and also beautiful to look at. Making rooms precious and scenting them has never been easier. But be careful, this method is also optimal for  keeping mosquitoes away  , acting as a real repellent.

Ingredients to consider include:

  • 1 large lime;
  • 1 small lemon;
  • carnation flowers;
  • bamboo sticks;
  • 2 white candles.
cloves and lemon

Clove and lemon combine their properties to obtain a unique natural method. Not only antibacterial action,  but also sanitizing  , repellent and excellent for scenting the entire house. The cloves will be inserted into the lemon pulp, as seen in the photo, in order to bring the two ingredients together. And then? The process of creating the at-home method is simple and fun.

Repel mosquitoes and perfume rooms: procedure

The procedure,  as shown by industry experts  , is as follows:

  • Take the large lemon and remove its cap, so that it rests on the flat surface. It will also need to be cut into two parts;
  • Insert the cloves into the pulp, covering the entire available surface area on both sides.

Place the two  lemons enriched with cloves  on the ground. Then take the candles, cut a piece of them so that they are small and insert them into the middle part of the lemon. Immediately after, take the bamboo sticks and put 4 of them on each available piece of lemon.

At this point, the  small lemon  is cut into two parts and then added to the structure, as if to form a cap.

remedy to perfume the house

It’s time to  light the candle and enjoy the show  . These little natural lanterns, as the lemon pulp and cloves are heated, will diffuse a delicious scent throughout the house. In addition, this smell is not appreciated by most insects. This means that mosquitoes will flee within seconds, being  annoyed by the aroma given off.